The Next Version of Art Blocks

New product collections, new smart contract, new website

New Product Collections

At the beginning of November, our Factory and Playground projects will be consolidated into a new product collection called Art Blocks Presents.

  • We believe it is in the spirit of elevating generative art to recognize all projects released on Art Blocks using the same set of standards.
  • At the beginning of November, projects that pass through our current application review process will be released as Presents unless the curatorial board recognizes them as pushing the boundaries of the medium, in which case they will be released in the Curated collection.

New Smart Contract

A new, innovative smart contract is being released! The new contract saves collectors about 65%% on gas costs when minting, and also reduces the cost for artists to upload their project scripts to the blockchain by about 65%. We will be following up with a more detailed breakdown of all the updates and innovations in the new contract via a blog post from the engineering team closer to the new contract’s release date. The new contract will maintain project ID continuity, and will continue to work in the same ways that you have come to expect the Art Blocks minting experience to work.

New Website

Finally, we’d like to announce that we will be releasing a newly rebranded website. The first version of Art Blocks was coded by Erick as a passion project, from a dream he had been noodling on for years. None of us could have foreseen the craziness of last summer, and as a result we allocated our engineers to rebuild our infrastructure to sustain the momentum while laying a strong foundation for Art Blocks’s future. The results of that work are more stable auctions, a truly scalable platform, and a consistent, inclusive user experience.


Moving forward all projects will be selected for release on Art Blocks one of four ways:

  • Art Blocks Curated: frontier-pushing projects selected by the Art Blocks Curatorial Board
  • Art Blocks Explorations: a place for our wild ideas and commissioned experiments
  • Art Blocks Collaborations: unique go-to-market partnerships like Pace



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