We’re open-sourcing “artblocks-contracts”

We’re excited to announce that starting today our repo for smart contract development has been made public and open-source!

You can now find our active smart contract development repository here, where we will continue to publicly build Art Blocks: https://github.com/ArtBlocks/artblocks-contracts/

PBAB and the Minter Suite

Since Art Blocks launched, our smart contracts ecosystem has expanded beyond the core Art Blocks contracts themselves (V0, V1) to include a suite of additional partner contracts that are powered by Art Blocks technology.

We recently upgraded the minting-architecture for the Art Blocks ecosystem with our new “Minter Suite,” an upgrade that allows artists to select different minting mechanisms from an expandable suite of available minters, on a per-project basis.

While our initial suite includes the four options: set price ETH, set price ERC20, linear automatic descending Dutch Auction, and exponential automatic descending Dutch Auction — we will continue developing the Minter Suite, including additional options like an automated Dutch Auction with a refund, token-gated minting, and merkel-proof allowlist minting. With making our contracts repo public, we now have a public forum for discussing new minter dynamics, where artists and community members can propose new minting mechanics and discuss existing proposals, to help inform our technical smart contracts roadmap.

Provenance and Public Goods

At Art Blocks, we’re strong believers in public goods, and building our smart contract technology in an open and transparent manner is something we feel best aligns with that ethos.

By making our contracts public we hope to expand the footprint of on-chain art. While we hope that expansion happens under the Art Blocks umbrella, increasing access to Art Blocks industry-leading technology for on-chain provenance and posterity increases resilience and preserves cultural digital artifacts for future generations. The open-source tools we’re building are designed to future-proof on-chain art.

To the Artists, Tinkerers, and Community

Since we’re sharing something with you, we hope you can share something with us. If you’re an artist, a tinkerer, or just an excited community member, we’d love your feedback on what new minting functions you’d like to see added to our minter suite over time. Don’t hold back, we want to hear your wildest ideas!

We’ve mentioned a handful of the ideas that we’re thinking about above, but we know that this is just the beginning of the Minter Suite development, and we’re excited to continue BUIDLing towards a vision that’s aligned with our artists and collectors.



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