The Living Room Playlist: Francis’ Rap Game Starting Five

Day two of the Living Room Playlist. Today we’re focused on Francis’ top six rappers aka enough for a starting five and a player/coach. Jalen Rose says it best when he talks about positions, “They exist to help novices understand the game.” When you run a pick up game you try to get a diverse team but more often than not you grab whoever is in the gym.

PG: Andre 3000

Andre 3000 is Earl Monroe aka Earl the Pearl aka Black Magic aka Jesus. In high school people called him Thomas Edison for all the moves he invented. Jesus Shuttlesworth is named after him.

Andre bends beats to make pockets for his breath to fill, never hides his style, and is always smooth. To Francis he is one of the kings of love bars. My apologies to Andre for not finding an ATL player.

SG: Chance The Rapper

Chance is Jimmy Butler. Any arguments? Nope. Cool.

SF: Shad

At Francis’ request Shad is Memphis Grizzlies’ Vince Carter: “Lower output but still smashing on cats.” Shad would never quit on you though.

PF: Blu

Blu is Zach Randolph aka Z-Bo. Blu is known for his conscious and raw delivery style and takes his cues from early 90’s West Coast rap. Z-Bo is a low post bruiser in the pace and space era in the NBA. Both are throwbacks and excel at what they do.

C: Lupe Fiasco

Lupe is DeMarcus Cousins aka BOOGIE. People that bring talents, passion, tempers, outbursts, and headaches.

Player-coach: Kendrick Lamar

Francis requested that an extra spot be made to include King Kendrick. Adding a Kendrick song to the playlist? Automatic like his counterpart Steph Curry. I can’t make a favourite list based on Francis without including his favourite player.

Enjoy today’s batch of new songs. If you wonder why the first eight songs on the list check out yesterday’s post. Come back tomorrow for what’s next on the Living Room Playlist.

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