Liqo 0.3 is out in the wild!

Alex Palesandro
Sep 15 · 2 min read

With plenty of new features, v0.3 is finally here!

Liqo 0.3 is finally here!
Photo by Timothy Wolff on Unsplash

The Liqo team is proud to announce the third major release, a big step forward for the project.

Liqo v0.3.0 includes a huge set of new features:

  • Support for deployments spanning across more than two clusters. Users can now seamlessly deploy and use applications on multiple clusters without modification. This is obtained through a brand new IPAM and an improved endpointSlice reflection logic.
  • Label-based cluster selectors: clusters can now be identified by user-defined labels. This mechanism automatically allows to automatically (1) constrain the pod scheduling and (2) export services in selected clusters. Try it out in a new advanced tutorial!
  • Improved UX: Liqo has now a new command-line interface, liqoctl, to simplify the installation process and handle the peering of new clusters. You can start your multi-cluster journey in just 2 commands.
  • Amazon EKS support: EKS joins the set of Liqo supported platforms. Try it out!
  • HA Network Gateway: Active-Passive availability for the cross-cluster interconnection.
  • More Secure: Liqo implements a new permission management system and organizes the namespaces on the remote clusters in tenants using an integration with the Capsule. This allows (1) to reduce the number of privileges required when performing a peering and (2) provide access only to the replicated namespace on the remote cluster.

Take a look at the source code on GitHub or the documentation on the Liqo website. Let us know what you think via our Slack or Twitter profile. Stay tuned and join our announcement newsletter.

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