Liqo v0.2.1 is out!

Alex Palesandro
May 17 · 1 min read
Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Liqo v0.2.1 is out in the wild!

This minor release adds several interesting features:

  1. Cluster CIDR Flexibility: Thanks to IPAM Refactoring, Liqo now supports clusters with POD CIDRs larger/smaller than /16
  2. Resource Garbage Collection: Liqo Peering/Unpeering is now correctly handled also on K8s 1.20.
  3. Experimental ARM Support: Liqo now supports the ARM architecture and can now be installed on embedded boards like RaspberryPIs and ARM servers.

If you want to know all the changes of this release, look at the full changelog.

To get started with Liqo, check out the Quickstart!

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