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COVID-19 (coronavirus) highlights our shared humanity and the fabric that binds us all. None of us is an island, and each one of us can affect others across oceans and continents. Yet if our interconnectedness can spread COVID-19, then we can also harness the power of globalization to combat the virus collectively.

Introducing CoVax: Our Collective Weapon in the Fight Against COVID-19.

LiquidApps has made the first move by providing the infrastructure and the DAPP Network services that are required for collaboration, but we are not alone. CoVax is a collaborative open-source project that is bringing together talented developers from the community in an effort to build out a comprehensive solution for fighting COVID-19.

Join The CoVax Community Efforts!

Getting CoVax from an idea to an application that can effect real change poses a unique challenge. Researchers want to see users contributing computational power and data before joining the platform. On the other hand, users will be hesitant to contribute computational power if no researchers are on board. This is a classic chicken-and-egg conundrum, yet one that we can overcome together as a community. CoVax will proceed in three steps, from assembling the community all the way to providing research labs with the computational power they need in their quest to find a cure. Step 1 is now officially underway!

Step 1: Assembling the CoVax community

DSPs, developers and users all have a unique role to play in making CoVax as impactful as possible. DSPs can contribute by running the dedicated LiquidChain on which the application will run, while developers are invited to assist in building out additional features for CoVax. CoVax also needs an army of passionate users to spread the word, donate processing power and onboard their friends and family for the cause.

Step 2: Onboarding DSPs as validators on the dedicated CoVax LiquidChain and launching the CoVax app

The CoVax app will run on its own dedicated LiquidChain, which needs a collection of DSPs in order to operate. LiquidApps will be running a DSP, and we invite other DSPs to join us in running the dedicated CoVax LiquidChain and offering the DAPP Network services that are required to drive this effort forward.

DSPs should offer vRAM, LiquidAccounts, LiquidScheduler and LiquidHarmony in order to join the dedicated CoVax LiquidChain as validators.

If you’re already a DSP, this is an opportunity to utilize your infrastructure for the greater good. And if you happen to be an EOSIO block producer wondering why you should become a DAPP Service Provider (DSP), the stakes have been raised. DSPs were already taking their chains to the next level. Now, they are contributing to the lives of everyone.

Step 3: Connecting Researchers to CoVax to Expedite the Search for a Vaccine

With the CoVax app installed on devices around the world, researchers could finally join the CoVax community and harness the collective pool of computational power to speed up their quest for a vaccine. The call to dedicate GPUs to fight the virus was also issued recently by Nvidia and is picking up steam in the community. LiquidApps is already in close communication with a number of institutions that have expressed interest, and we encourage the CoVax community to refer researchers that could use some extra processing power.

Researchers could use the additional power to streamline computational-heavy tasks such as modeling the molecular structure of the virus and using protein folding to understand how it infects humans and use that information to stop its spread. At this stage, CoVax will have evolved into a supercomputer dedicated to mitigating the effects of COVID-19.

In addition to allowing users to donate processing power, CoVax could potentially be enhanced with additional features such as:

  • Shielding users from possible outbreak areas with real-time alerts
  • Supplying data to a global pool of COVID-19 information

Shielding users from possible outbreak areas with real-time alerts

Users can provide CoVax with information as to whether they are infected or not, allowing the app to map out infection zones all over the world. This is mutually beneficial, as CoVax can then deliver push notifications to the user should they get too close to infected people or to places that were exposed to the virus.

Supplying data to a global pool of COVID-19 information

Data collected by CoVax is distributed, anonymized, open, and free for everyone to use. Anyone can contribute to the pool of data by uploading their datasets or answering short quizzes. In addition, could add data from verified sources into the system. The data could then distributed on a dedicated blockchain, utilizing LiquidApps’ LiquidChains and LiquidX technology, so that no entity has total control of the information being collected. Researchers, doctors, government authorities, public health professionals and even enterprising individuals can then mine the data to generate meaningful insights that could aid in combating the virus.

The first release would allow users and GPU owners to donate computational power towards vaccine research. We call on the community to assist us in extending the functionality of CoVax to map out infection zones and data gathering.

Who will be the one to implement these additional features in CoVax? Will it be you?

By pooling together data and computing power from individuals and organizations around the world, CoVax could provide humanity with a powerful arsenal to defeat COVID-19. At the same time, it acts as an individual shield that could make it safer for people to leave their homes, should they have to do so, without risking infection.

The fight against COVID-19 can be won by mobilizing the collective intelligence of users, developers and researchers across the globe. Now is the time to move past our instinctual reaction of fear and worry and summon the resources to respond forcefully in the battle against the virus. Now is the time to come together and fight.

It’s now Humanity vs COVID-19. We win this by taking action and collaborating with one another.

The fight has begun. Join the CoVax community and take up arms in the battle against COVID-19 today.

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