The DAPP Network Hackathon Is Just Around the Corner

From 17–24 November, developers from around the world will have an opportunity to showcase their skills by building on the DAPP Network. Register your team now!

Oct 28 · 3 min read

*** Registration has officially opened. Register your teams here to get started. Want to participate but don’t have a team? Use the hackathon platform to find teammates to work with ***

Since the DAPP Network Hackathon is global and online, it gives you the chance to sit back and relax in your favorite café, or even your living room, while you code!

Pioneering Hybrid Hackathons

Even though our hackathon is primarily remote, we appreciate the benefits and atmosphere of on-site hackathons and would like to provide developers with this enriching experience. Therefore, during that week, we will also be hosting an on-site DAPP Network Hackathon in Tel Aviv!

Be A Mentor. Suggest A Mentor.

As teams across the globe ready themselves for the DAPP Network Hackathon, it is critical that they are armed with comprehensive resources to aid them in their quest to build scalable dApps and services on the DAPP Network. To that end, we have assembled a world-class group of mentors for the DAPP Network Hackathon to provide teams with the support they require and boost their chances of succeeding.

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The LiquidApps Blog

Designing tools for building and scaling the dApps of the future.


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LiquidApps aims to optimize development on the blockchain by equipping developers with a range of products for building and scaling dApps.

The LiquidApps Blog

Designing tools for building and scaling the dApps of the future.

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