The DAPP Network’s September Highlights

Links to September Highlights

DAPP Network’s Cross-Chain Bridge

Cross-chain bridge story was also published in Pre Coin News, ELEVENNEWS, and TechBullion


DAPP Accounts introduces a DAO called DAD

DAPP Added to Pizza Lending Platform

DAPP Talks

LiquidApps co-founders Beni Hakak and Tal Muskal talk about cross-chain communication and bridges.

DAPP Network ERC20 Cross-Chain Bridge Explained by LiquidApps Developer, David Benchimol.

Recapping the Bridge Weekend and Discussing What Comes Next w/ Yves La Rose, CEO of EOS Nation.

Exciting New DeFi Discussions Kick Off w/ David Azaraf and Zack Gall

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DAPP Network

DAPP Network


DAPP Network aims to optimize development on the blockchain by equipping developers with a range of products for building and scaling dApps.