The Future is Multichain

Interoperability Creates Positive-Sum Games Among Blockchain Networks

Nowadays, it is developers who endure unnecessary repetition as they face the Sisyphean task of rebuilding their application and services on various, mutually-incompatible platforms.

LiquidLink provides developers with the necessary communication protocol to build a single version of software that works on multiple blockchains.

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Rebuilding Again and Again

The Foundations of a Global Economy

A Trade Pact for The Blockchain

LiquidLink is breaking down the barriers that exist between chains. Multichain applications can finally emerge, connecting superior components from various base-layer networks, using an end-to-end, decentralized, trustless solution.

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Whether you’re building on EOS or Ethereum or another blockchain, join our discussion as we explore ways to harness the multichain future with LiquidLink.



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