Everyday We Lit: For the Win

By BM Blogger @anaiskin

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From the Kermit the Frog Instagram memes to the trending Twitter hashtags about whatever debacle or scandal is in our pop culture, I think we can all agree the internet is great again. When I say the internet is “great”, I’m not including the sensationalism, explicit content, or invasion of privacy. 
But don’t we all want to be great? Don’t we all want the recognition for the laborious hours we spend creating art? For some, even our meal preparation has taken painstaking hours of filter selection for Instagram. 
There is something in us, perhaps not above an ordination or “calling”, that wants or even needs others to be able to experience (hear, touch, feel) what we create.

So how do we do it? How do we continue to glorify God while creating marketing campaigns that bring visibility to our brand or product? In the search of our “come up” it can be all too easy to become a poor imitation of what Google Analytics has deemed as “popping.”
 Of course, we do need the public to take a stake in what we do. The artists cannot eat on Youtube views and compliments alone. But we do not have to compromise our convictions to do so. When we are untrue to the source that gave us the ability to create, we have exalted our glory over His. When we act with sincerity, humility, and integrity we bring others close to God.
We must be convinced that the hustle of entertainment will always be more favorable to those who are by His agenda.The crowd may forget your wordplay, choreography, or technique. But your conviction from the Holy Spirit, which compels them to gain knowledge and understanding from the Word of God, is the lasting fragrance in the room.
 Are you gracious to the sound technicians doing the levels on your microphone? Have you looked for an opportunity to serve the volunteers that run the product table? Even with millions of viral views, the greatest of all is the servant. We can never be so consumed with our own agenda that we forgot to take an opportunity to inspire someone to be their most authentic self.

Does our idea of winning include winning lost souls to Jesus?