About L.S.C.

The Team

1. Ecurrencyhodler (Editor)

Hi! 😁

2. Alexey Kassabov (U.S. Tax Specialist available for consultations in regards to your cryptotrades: alexeykassabov@gmail.com)

3. Aaron Imming (Dutch Translator)

4. Hyungmok Joh (Korean Translator)


To advocate for Litecoin adoption by:

  1. Reducing the technical barriers to entry through education.
  2. Marketing by partnering with social media influencers and businesses.

Road Map

For Education

  1. Complete a comprehensive manual called the “Newcomer’s Guide to Crypto” geared to new consumers.
  2. Keep an ongoing “Litecoin Education” segment for the more experienced cryptoinvestors. Topics include Litecoin technology and advantages Litecoin has over other coins in the cryptomarket.
  3. Become an Amazon Affiliate and only advertise relevant merchandise to my readers.
  4. Selling merchant guides and newcomer’s guides through a book or ebook.
  5. Partner with businesses to integrate Litecoin payment.
  6. Create an accredited webcourse
  7. City wide conferences
  8. Dream Goal: Create a university including courses for coders to develop DApps and future tech for Litecoin.

For Marketing

  1. We need to reach a whole new market instead of trying to reach those who are already in cryptocurrency.
  2. To do this, I will partner with social media influencers by sending them LTC swag to wear on their platforms(Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, Youtube, etc.). I will ask them to include a short description of Litecoin as well as a link to my Newcomer’s Guide to Crypto.

Budget and Possible Future Expenses

  1. Swag material for social media influencers
  2. Depending if this takes off, incorporating as a nonprofit/profit or as an individual.
  3. Registering in 50 states to accept donations online
  4. Money to publish material
  5. Money to create a webcourse
  6. Traveling money to present in front of businesses.
  7. Money to get in touch with influencers.
  8. Possible Ads
  9. Oh and if I do this full time then food. Not for me but for my pet gerbil Henry. Fair warning, he eats as much as me.


  1. Email me if you want to donate LTC swag at ecurrencyhodler@gmail.com. I will make sure they thank you in their post.
  2. If you give, I unfortunately won’t be able to offer you receipts for tax write-offs. I’m truly sorry. This allows me to keep this project going until I reach a point when I must consider incorporating.
  3. Donation Addresses
    LTC: LgGHRsbYHs93gKttBMehLzth3xDAU3tCSZ
    BTC: 3HFCMjr6xQKSfmU7wCPzrZJVvgwrdf7Qzd (Segwit address. Legacy and Segwit chains accepted)

Get Involved

  1. First rule of adoption is for you to share it with everyone you know. Take my guides. They’re free. Send it to them, sit down with them, and walk them through the steps of how to buy, secure, and send Litecoin.
  2. If you’d like to write articles for L.S.C., please send a sample. I’m looking for clear, concise, and grammatically correct work. It’d be helpful to know what kind of audience you’d like to write for: Newcomers, Litecoin Education, or perhaps a weekly LTC news segment.
  3. If you know any social media influencers PLEASE send them my way via email or twitter.
  4. If you know how to publish a book or ebook, talk to me in 6 months.
  5. If you know how to create a website with courses and integrating payment options, talk to me in a year.
  6. Really though, I need help with anything and everything. If you’re interested, please email me at ecurrencyhodler@gmail.com with what specifically you’d like to help out with and any experience that you have.
  7. This will be completely volunteer in the beginning.
  8. Cryptocurrency and pen names share the same unique characteristic in that they don’t care what you look like, what your name sounds like, or where you come from. I value my privacy because it allows people to view me without any preconceived notions of who I am. In other words, people are able to see me…for me. For this reason, I prefer to communicate strictly through my pseudonym should we work together in the beginning. If that sounds strange to you I understand. I just ask that you let my work speak for itself. I promise you I have nothing to hide. I’m simply a regular dude trying to find his way and this just might be it.
  9. With that being said, I am not opposed to sharing with you my identity once we build trust with one another. However when I do, I ask that you keep it confidential as well. Thanks for understanding. 🙂
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