1. Contact me if you’d like to donate LTC swag like a hat or a shirt for social media influencers.
  2. If you know of any influencers, please send them my way.
  3. If you donate LTC/BTC, I unfortunately won’t be able to offer you receipts for tax write-offs for now. I’m truly sorry. This allows me to keep the project going until I reach a point when I must consider incorporating.
  4. Donation Addresses specifically for L.S.C.

LTC: LgGHRsbYHs93gKttBMehLzth3xDAU3tCSZ

Litecoin Address

BTC: 3HFCMjr6xQKSfmU7wCPzrZJVvgwrdf7Qzd

Bitcoin Segwit Address. Legacy and Segwit Addresses Accepted
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