L.S.C.’s Press Release #1


Today, I’ve launched a publication called The Litecoin School of Crypto and my vision is simple. Advocate for Litecoin adoption.

I hope to achieve this in 2 ways:

  1. Reducing the technical barriers to entry through education.
  2. Marketing by partnering with social media influencers and businesses.

You can read more “About L.S.C” for a roadmap and additional info.


Newcomer’s Guide to Crypto

Currently, there is a huge technical gap between the pioneers in crypto and the average laymen. This can make cryptocurrency intimidating, hard to understand, and confusing for newcomers. By providing easily accessible and simplified education, my goal is to clear a path for the average Joe to buy Litecoin. This is the reason why I’ve created a series called “A Newcomer’s Guide to Crypto.” However, its goal is not only to empower new consumers with information, but also the Litecoin Community. I challenge you, the more experienced cryptoinvestor, to help spread adoption by sharing these articles if you have difficulty explaining cryptocurrency to your friends. Let me be the words you can’t find.

I know. Much of this information will be review for you. But it might be new for your family members, your friends, or even your coworkers. I invite you to join me in my mission. Sit down with them. Talk to them about Litecoin. Send them A Newcomer’s Guide to Crypto. Review with them the different ways to buy and store LTC and alleviate their fears.

You can check out the first two guides here: 1) An Intro to Crypto and Litecoin 2) Understanding Wallets

Litecoin Education

This section of L.S.C. is geared towards the more experienced cryptoinvestor. It will include articles on Litecoin Technology such as the Lightning Network, MAST, and Covenants. It will also include articles that distinguish Litecoin from the hundreds of other coins listed on coinmarketcap.

2. Marketing

As I partner with social media influencers and businesses, I will write a short profile on them and post it on the publication. If you have any LTC swag you’d like to donate or have any connections to influencers, contact me via twitter or email at ecurrencyhodler@gmail.com

Alright, stay tuned! This is only the beginning and there will be much more to come.

Signing off,