L.S.C.’s Press Release #2


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First Some Stats

Thank you all for all your support during the past 30 days. It has been overwhelming. I would not have been able to gain this much traction without all of your help in sharing of articles.

Some Quick Updates

The L.S.C. has made some significant progress over the past month:

  1. 6 guides in the Newcomer’s Guide to Crypto have been completed and only about 3 left to go.
  2. 5 articles released in Litecoin Education surrounding Litecoin Technology. I’m also starting a series called the “The Trading Block” that will feature Technical Analysis pieces from prominent cryptotraders.
  3. I’m especially proud of my Guide for Merchants on integrating Litecoin into their business. Please share it with those who want to but don’t know how.
  4. I’ve become an Amazon Affiliate as a way to monetize my publication. But don’t worry, I’ll only promote the best products.
  5. The L.S.C. now has a twitter and facebook page account. Give it a follow!
  6. The L.S.C. also has a dedicated E-mail list. Sign up to receive the latest articles instead of having to come to the publication!
  7. I’m officially offering personalized consultation services. If you or your loved ones would rather not read through all the guides and want a crash course, these 1 on 1 sessions are for you. I also will provide insight to the broader cryptomarket as a whole. You can email me at ecurrencyhodler@gmail.com with “Consultation” in the subject line.
  8. I’ve nearly completed the Intro to Litecoin e-book and am in talks to publish it through two potential avenues. I just need to edit it and get a cover page. Look for a release within the upcoming months!

Alright, stay tuned! This is only the beginning and there will be much more to come.

Signing off,