About ten days ago, Coffee Lab posted a short video of affogato.

Last week, I visited Coffee Lab and Coffee Lab Academy in Winchester, but close to closing time, Coffee Lab had shut down their espresso machine, neither had vanilla ice cream.

Today, excellent lunch, as always, at La Casita, a Spanish restaurant in Guildford.

I asked, did they have vanilla ice cream, if yes, explained what I wanted.

The owner reminded me he was Italian.

We had two options, dollop of ice cream in a coffee cup, pour coffee direct over the ice cream, or coffee into a cup, then pour over the ice cream in a glass.

Pros and cons with both methods.

In glass looks stunning, in a coffee cup direct hot fine stream of coffee.

A variant which we did not try, sprinkle ground coffee on top. This does little for the taste, adds a little decoration but more importantly, adds crunch and texture.

I had no idea what the outcome would be.

It was an excellent dessert.

Affogato: drowned.