Affogato in Coffee Lab Academy


A couple of weeks ago, Coffee Lab posted a short video of affogato.

Two weeks ago, I visited both Coffee Lab and Coffee Lab Academy in Winchester. I was looking forward to trying an affogato.

I was too late, both had closed or were about to close their espresso machines, and even had I not been too late, neither had ice cream.

affogato en La Casita

Last week, I had lunch at La Casita in Guildford. Did they have ice cream? I explained what I wanted. Of course, I can do an affogato said the owner, I am Italian.

This week I was in luck, Coffee Lab Academy had ice cream, Jude’s ice cream, which is excellent ice cream.

I explained what I wanted.

Only problem was, the ice cream did not wish to come out of its tub, it was frozen solid, ended up literally peeling the tub away from the ice cream.

As was explained to me later in Coffee Lab, we could have sat the tub atop the espresso machine, or sat the tub in a cup and poured in hot water.

affogato in Coffee Lab Academy

Use a cup or a glass?

We used an ordinary glass, as it would sit in the machine.

As at La Casita the week before, an excellent dessert.

Affogato: drowned.

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