Costa nation’s favourite coffee shop brand

Costa the nation’s favourite coffee shop brand

Awards have descended into nonsense, there will always be a category no matter how bad, there will be an award, thus rendering the whole process meaningless.

A sign on the door of Costa in Farnham, thanking customers for voting Costa the best national coffee shop brand.

What was the choice, Costa or tax dodging Starbucks or tax dodging Caffè Nero, all infamous for serving undrinkable coffee in an awful environment that screams corporate?

The couple of times I have risked a coffee in Costa, my automatic reflex was to spit it out on the floor. It took a supreme effort, strength of of will, to stop this happening.

That is why Costa dump chocolate on a cappuccino, why people dump spoonfuls of sugar, to try and make what is undrinkable palatable.

All the award demonstrates is that Costa was the least worst out of the three, nothing more, not that Costa serves excellent coffee.

What next, an award for serving the nation’s favourite factory cakes?

If you want excellent coffee, cakes baked fresh or sourced from a local baker, coffee traced back to origin through direct trade, and wish to enhance your local town centre and support the local economy, then find your nearest indie coffee shop where they serve real coffee.