Free coffee books

Coffee library for free

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Free books.

Free coffee books.

Free signed coffee books.

In addition three months of mentorship with James Hoffmann, author of The World Atlas of Coffee, and forthcoming The Best of JimSeven, co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters.

I’m interested in exploring digital mentorship in coffee, and I hope I’ll be able to help someone progress in their career in that time.

Er, what is the catch?

The catch is that it is a trawl for information by an employment agency. And only one person gets the free books.

On other hand, if you use facebook, the reason it is free, you are what is for sale, they steal all your personal information.

To be eligible, register your profile at Coffee Jobs Board.

The claimed reason for this generous offer, is to create a database to try and establish a profile of what is a barista, the skills, the pay.

Yes, this would be useful for transparency, but only if the information is anonymised, analysed, then published.

More information please e-mail

Whoever was lucky will be announced 8 May 2017.

Note: There are five sets of books, thus five lucky winners. Thanks to James Hoffmann for the correction (see his response).

Often these books are available to browse where good coffee is served.