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Keith Parkins
May 2, 2017 · 3 min read
loaves of bread at Celtic Bakers on Guildford farmers market

A question many have asked, and quite rightly so, is why is there no indie coffee stall on Guildford farmers market?

It is appalling crass hypocrisy, when on the one hand the producers wish to see people support local businesses and yet they sit at their stalls with a takeaway coffee from Costa or tax dodging Starbucks.

There can be no excuse for this hypocrisy when Surrey Hills Coffee is located in Chapel Street leading off the High Street.

The Hobo Co in Gostrey Meadow in Farnham

Nor can there be any excuse when Vintage Pop Up Tea Room and The HoBo Co have expressed an interest in having a stall on the market.

If partner with Surrey Hills Coffee, they supply the beans for sale, the stall brews the coffee, then not only can try but also satisfy the local produce requirement.

Vintage Pop Up Tea Room in Gostret Meadow in Farnham

And cannot get more local, more local than many of the producers who currently have stalls, Surrey Hills roast their coffee in the Surrey Hills, have a coffee shop in Chapel Street off the High Street, Vintage Pop Up Tea Room is based in Farnham, The HoBo Co just across the border in Hampshire.

There is no reason why not both, two coffee stalls, one at the top and one at the bottom of the High Street. If one cannot make it, there will always be at least one stall.

When you support indie coffee shops, you are maintaining the vitality of our town centres. When you support chains, you are part of the problem, you are destroying the local economy.

Flat Whites at street food market in Winchester

Look to the street food market in Winchester, every Wednesday. They have an indie coffee stall serving high quality coffee. It used to be Jimmy Bean, now Flat Whites.

Flat Whites also serve coffee on the Winchester farmers market. They are eligible because their coffee beans are roasted in Southampton.

Note: Flat Whites source their beans from Mozzo Coffee, a coffee roaster based in Southampton, not Winchester as I originally reported. But still a local producer.

Why not an annual food festival? If Godalming can mount a highly successful street food festival, why not Guildford?

The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop

Musings on all things coffee and occasionally tea

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The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop

Musings on all things coffee and occasionally tea

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