Little Tree Books and Coffee

Delightful little Bohemian bookshop cum coffee shop tucked behind the Acropolis Museum.

Little Tree Books and Coffee

Little Tree Books and Coffee is a lovely little bookshop cum coffee shop behind the Acropolis Museum.

Excellent selection of books.

The coffee side is tucked in a corner.

Seating inside amongst the books or outside under the shade of the trees.

Little Tree use coffee supplied by Taf, but unfortunately only their catering supply coffee. They would do better if they used their competition blend, and maybe a single origin for V60.

To make best advantage of a better coffee, assuming Taf would supply, they would need to upgrade their equipment and have skilled baristas.

I also tried their excellent pumpkin soup.

When I visited surprisingly busy, busy with locals.

It is run as a workers cooperative which may explain the delightful Bohemian atmosphere.

Athens needs more cooperatives and especially open coops, which then follow the example of Catalonia and network and support each other, and act as a counter to the EU economic destruction of the country.

Something they may wish to consider, the use of faircoin and fairpay card, maybe even act as a distribution node for the latter.

If visiting The Acropolis or Acropolis Museum, then a visit to this little bookshop cum coffee shop only a few minutes walk away is recommended.