Love & Scandal

Hidden behind Waterloo Station in Lower Marsh a little coffee shop that in the evening during the summer turns into a bistro.

I happened upon Love & Scandal when I went on a detour to Lower Marsh to investigate a street food market behind the back of Waterloo Station.

Would I like to try a coffee?

Yes, but sorry no time, I am on my way to a coffee festival, Union Summer Carnival at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, somewhere in Docklands, one of the top coffee roasters in the country.

Maybe later, If I have time.

On leaving Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, I decided I would return.

Too hot to sit outside, we sat outside discussing Cyprus, Turkey, the divided island and the Middle East. It turned out my host was a Turkish-Cypriot.

Interesting to hear from the other side.


Eventually I got around to ordering falafel wrap, hummus and salad. Followed by a cappuccino.

Opus Espresso v 12 a coffee a blend from Alchemy

The coffee used, a blend from Alchemy, Opus Espresso v 12. Like Pioneer from Horsham Coffee Roasters, the blend is seasonally adjusted to attempt to retain a similar flavour profile, cocoa, hazelnut, orange.

I had not heard of Alchemy, but speaking to a Greek barista at Union Summer Carnival, he said it was a highly regarded coffee roaster.

art by Alice Bowsher

On the walls, art by Alice Bowsher and a few paintings exhibited on the walls.

I asked did the art often change?

Not very often.

I suggested change periodically, use the walls as exhibition space for local artists. Maybe sell the paintings, charge 10% commission.

We used to have galleries with a cafe, now we have coffee shops doubling as art galleries.

A table at the back has periodicals, including Caffeine, information on local events.

Only for the last couple of weeks, Love & Alchemy has been opening in the evening as a bistro, and will do so throughout the summer.

Sadly on my first visit I was the the only one there, but when I visited again the following week, during a launch party for Waterloo Food Month, I was pleased to find it was packed. Word had got out, now open in the evening.

On my first visit, leaving sometime after ten o’clock, I was surprised to find in the street a man with a van from Grimsby selling fresh fish.