Nitro cold brew

nitro cold brew

Nitro cold brew has been one of the more prominent coffee trends over the past year. — Caffeine

Too hot for cappuccino. I fancied a cold brew coffee, ice cold.

Harris + Hoole brought out a murky looking concoction from the fridge, looked as though dredged from the bottom of a pond. Concentrated filter coffee which they chill, then dilute. Yuk.

I tried nitro cold brew out of a can. Only one word to describe, disgusting.

Not helped by the chiller cabinet not working, and so not cold.

Contrary to the false claims made by Chloë Callow in Cold Brew Coffee, I have yet to see any coffee shop with shelves groaning with jars of cold brew coffee, let alone restaurants with fridges full of the stuff.

On pouring the nitro cold brew, a slight foam on top, as with pouring a lager out of a can. I was careful to pour, fearing it would foam over and pour down the sides of the glass.

I tried adding ice, but it only made it worse.

H+H would be well advised to ditch this fad and focus on what they are good at, brewing excellent coffee.

An expense fad, a gimmick, peddled by Caffeine, of which Chloë Callow is editor.