Nitro cold brew coffee

Nitro cold brew coffee on tap.

nitro cold brew on tap served in Krema

Nitro cold brew has been one of the more prominent coffee trends over the past year. — Caffeine

According to Chloë Callow in Cold Brew Coffee, shelves in coffee shops are groaning with jars of cold brew coffee, fridges in restaurants are full of the stuff. Not that I have seen, nor anyone I have spoken to, though nitro cold brew coffee does seem to be slowly creeping in.

cans of nitro cold brew coffee sitting at 30C in non-functioning chiller cabinet in Harris + Hoole in Guildford

This is the second time I have tried nitro cold brew. This time on tap, the first time at 30C sitting in a non-functioning chiller cabinet at Harris + Hoole in Guildford.

New in Krema, nitro cold brew coffee on tap.

Did I wish to try?

I expressed surprise, as last year I tried their cold brew coffee, and it was excellent.

OK, with reluctance I agreed, with assurances this was far better than out of a can.

nitro cold brew on tap from Frank and Earnest

A frosted glass was brought out of a fridge. I was asked to take a seat and it would be brought over to me.

No, I was not impressed. Not as disgusting as what I had had out of a can, but, to be fair it was at 30C not ice cold.

Half way through, the impression was that of watered down, cold coffee.

As I emptied my glass my final impression was of coffee flavoured cold water.

Humans have a weakness for self-delusion, and that is what is happening with nitro cold brew. Buy in, and then convince self and customers that it is excellent, when in realty it is at best watered down cold coffee or coffee flavoured cold water.

Look at how it is being promoted by Frank and Earnest, stomach churning marketing hype:

in a can

Nitro cold brew is where coffee meets science, the breath taking result of infusing our chilled single origin cold brew with pure nitrogen. Rich in flavour and crafted with skill and passion, our nitro cold brew in a can really does take coffee to the next level.
Velvety soft and with a distinctively creamy quality, our nitro cold brew eliminates the need to add either milk or sugar. Every nitro cold brew is crowned with a thick, creamy stout like head that tastes every bit as good as it looks.

from a tap

Simplicity, serving our Nitro-coldbrew should be as simple and rewarding as drinking it! Our counter-top dispensers are truly ‘plug and play’. No need for nitrogen bottles, high pressure gas lines or chilled storage. Our shelf-stable ‘bag-in-box’ of single origin coldbrew is connected to our counter-top dispensers that chill, infuse and pour on demand.
From the first to the last pour our systems deliver a velvety soft and distinctively creamy nitro cold brew.

It is described as Guinness. It is nothing like Guinness.

What does it say when it needs a whole page ad in Caffeine to promote the ghastly stuff?

An expensive fad at best.

It says it all, that it proves necessary to adulterate with syrup to make palatable.

But there is also a danger, a danger that is being overlooked in taking up the latest fad.

Anyone can serve cold brew coffee. No skill required. That is how keg beer made its way into pubs, no skill or experience required, turn on a tap.

The artisan coffee shop has the skill of the barista, quality beans.

With nitro cold brew beer it is open a can or turn on a tap.

How long before J D Wetherspoon introduces nitro cold brew, on tap or in a bottle or a can?

The nightmare scenario, the global drinks giants, Coco-Cola, Pepsi, Tata and the global corporate brewers. And let us not forget, Whitbread owns Costa.