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Standing for the art of coffee

Keith Parkins
Mar 21, 2017 · 9 min read
Standart issue 7 at The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop

Once upon a time, there was a period of dark coffee and socialism in Czechoslovakia, and that was when the ‘Standard Coffee Blend’ was born. The coffee was, well, let’s say horrible. However, it served as the very beginning of a coffee drinking culture in the part of Europe we come from.

It’s been a long road, and we’ve taken huge strides since then. Speciality coffee and the lifestyle of third wave cafés are knocking at our doors. We would like to show people that our passion is not posh or hipster — good coffee can be the standard for every cup.

bottle of red wine Melissonas Hill vineyard
Alvarado coffee beans from Honduras at Makushi /
declining share of earnings to growers
café mortel or death café /

There’s something romantic about turning your loved one’s remains into a diamond.

The only good death is one I’ve chosen, on my own terms.

Death is like nothing. It’s not like sleep; not like being in a dark room. It’s nothing.

Who wants another cupcake?

We love to work with and collaborate with interesting companies. Let’s have a cup of coffee together (at least a virtual one), and talk about the creative opportunities inherent in becoming a partner of Standart.

coffee books and coffee magazines in undercroft at Makushi /
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The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop

Musings on all things coffee and occasionally tea