Transparency is vital

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee Union Direct Trade

Steven Macatonia, co-founder, Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

Shorter supply chains provide vital transparency, accountability and control. We work with more than 43 producer groups in 14 countries, but our supply chain is deliberately simple: from supplier, to roaster, to customer. This allows us to ensure that the coffee that we source is 100pc traceable to each producer.
A short and efficient supply chain has enabled us to remain flexible and responsive to demand across all levels of our business and day-to-day operations. Our total supply chain transparency is an important sales tool; our customers want to know exactly where our coffee comes from.

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee through Union Direct Trade, forge long-term partnerships with growers, pay higher price for quality.

Union only buy coffee Q grade 84 and higher, which commands a higher price than FairTrade commodity coffee.

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