V60 at The Underdog

V60 at The Underdog using Yria from Ethiopia.

The Underdog

First cleanse the filter using cold water or if hot allow to cool.

If hot water, it opens the pores of the filter paper.

Next pour in hot water just off boiling.

Pause to allow the CO2 to escape.

Next continue to pour hot water.

Serve and enjoy.

Different method of pouring hot water. Not continuous circular motion.

This method was pioneered by World Barista champion Stefanos Domatiotis of Taf.

This method results in a more even bed of coffee, more even extraction.

Pouring a fine stream of hot water directed at the centre, causes a circular motion within the bed, flowing down from the centre, then out and back down from the centre.

Special thanks to Manos Mamatis, Coffee in Good Spirits World Championship No 2 2017.

The Underdog is an ultra trendy specialty coffee shop with its own coffee roastery within the coffee shop.

The Underdog baristas have won several world championships for Coffee in Good Spirits.

  • 2008 Tasos Delichristos
  • 2015 George Koustoumparais
  • 2016 Michalis Dimitratopolos
  • 2017 Manos Mamatis second place