REVIEW// The Sprint “Quanta” AQT80 Tablet

By Tristan Workman

I like that can you do more things with this tablet than the old iPad 2 that I have. On it, all the things seem more updated than on the iPad, so some of the games and apps work better on this device.

I usually like to watch Youtube videos on it. There would be other things that the manufacturers could add, like Netflix so kids could watch TV and movies from that, and apps that you can use for more things. Some of my favorite Youtube videos are Scrap Mechanics, Ballistic Squid and Neebs Gaming.

Ballistic Squid usually plays Minecraft or Scrap Mechanics, and does challenges in SM with his friends and records them to show other people what it’s like to play the games. So this tablet is great for keeping up with their videos as they post them.

I like Neebs Gaming because he likes to play with his friends and also does challenges, and things like crazy stunts in Grand Theft Auto so it’s fun to watch. He’s also really funny and has a great sense of humor. I laugh a lot watching him.

I think it would also be cool if they made tablets so that you could transfer power from one device to another. I’d love if I could plug my old iPad into my new phone or device or tablet, and charge one from another. It would also be great if there was a way to plug in more things like external hard drives. It would also be cool if there was another battery in your device, so if one was running out of power, you could switch to the other battery so you could have more power.

I would probably get it if you’re on Sprint, because it comes free if you update your phone.

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