D for Delivery

Hoodies “Proud to be RAP”

Photo: R. Chávez

Ajax, Barça, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich… None of them! For my son, there is only one team: RAP - The club where he plays.

Last Christmas, Sinterklaas gave him the football kit of RAP. The best present ever, he said. He immediately put on the new clothes. That’s when we realized that the smallest “XXXS” size was for kids twice his age. The trikot just looked like a dress. Anyhow, he found it perfect.

For his birthday, I wanted to complete the set with a hoodie from his favorite team. Considering that the smallest size was way too large, I designed a personalized hoodie for him.

My son loved his hoodie so much that he wanted to give another to his two buddies with whom he always go to the training. I thought it was a great idea. The Three Musketeers — or as they would prefer: the new Messi, Ronaldo, and Lewandowski.

I carefully designed the handover to create a moment to further deepen their ties. We took the 3 boys to the park where they unwrapped the hoodies. They proudly wore them for our football match. The three boys against the two adults. I don’t know how much their refreshed team spirit helped but they destroyed us badly.

Red cheeks and muddy clothes. A sign of a fantastic time.

Photos: R. Chávez



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