Momentize it!

The art of creating memorable and meaningful moments

Photo: R. Chávez

Manolo was secretly organizing all the details for his wedding proposal. He had booked the flights to Paris, a hotel near river Seine, and a table at the Eiffel Tower restaurant. Very movie-like — exactly as Manolo had imagined it. He wanted his girlfriend to feel like the main character of their love story in a moment that she would always remember. Despite some unforeseen events — as it happens in the best romantic movies — she said “yes”. Manolo designed the moment consciously and succeeded.

There are those moments in our lives that are memorable per se: our wedding, the birth of our first child — and second, third, fourth… — , our first job, and our first house. However, you don’t need to marry or wait for a special occasion to make something remarkable. You can create memorable moments anytime.

How? Soon I’ll share with you the process I have designed and some tools to make it happen.

In the meantime, please don’ t forget to enjoy the little moments that make your life. 🙂



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Soy Rocío, una sevillana asentada en Ámsterdam ya por más de una década. I’m Rocío, a Spanish woman living the Dutch dream :)