Hobo Binge: Sunday, October 12

Hobo helps solve a local mystery in “The Secret of Red Hill.”

On November 14th I will undertake the Hobo Challenge on the Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast. Jeff Marek, great Canadian hockey fan and “The Littlest Hobo” maven, will try to stump me with Hobo-related trivia. To prepare I will watch at least four episodes of “The Littlest Hobo” every day. Today I met my goal.

The following synopses are taken from Kevin McCorry’s excellent “The Littlest Hobo” webpage:

"The Secret of Red Hill"
London hears the screams of a girl named Peggy, who says that she is running from a giant ape loose in a forest. In the neighboring small town of Red Hill, rumors are already spreading about "Bigfoot" being in the vicinity. Rachel, a reporter, teams with London to investigate the strange sightings, and they visit the town veterinarian, Dr. Janssen, who has behind his clinic an empty cage, in which he more than a year previous kept orangutans for behavioral study. He says that none of the apes remain present, that one died and the other was sent away on the town's request. Rachel and London are suspicious of Janssen. When a nature club camp-out encounters the ape creature, the local sheriff, who accompanied the club as a precaution, raises his gun to kill the creature, but Rachel and London arrive on the scene (after having been informed of the nature club's plans) to stop him. London chases and subdues the ape and, realizing that the ape is really a costumed man, unmasks him to reveal Janssen underneath. Janssen did not intend any harm. Rather, he knew that his deceased father had dumped some toxic waste in the forest and, rather than report the waste and tarnish his father's reputation, he decided to try to scare everyone away from the forest with the ape disguise.
Guest stars: Susan Hogan (Rachel), David Fox (Dr. Janssen)
London assists forest ranger Ray Caldwell to save the lives of wild animals from a raging forest fire. The fire has driven many animals out of the woods and into a town where the owner of a store is selling traps and poison to control the influx of wild animals. A young boy eats some poisoned meat and lapses into a coma. An antidote to the poison is available only in a city on the other side of the fire, and London and Caldwell hasten by airplane to the city to obtain the needed remedy, and because time is crucial and a storm is preventing them from landing on their return by air to the ranger station where the sick boy is, London, with the medicine attached to him, does a parachute jump close to the ranger station and saves the boy's life.
Guest stars: Monte Markham (Ray Caldwell), Gary Reineke (Rooker)
London meets an aspiring stuntman named Lucky in the small town of Mitchum, which is visited by a motion picture production crew. When Lucky attempts to impress the film's temperamental director by doing a summertime snowmobile jump over a parked car, he did not expect a police cruiser to stop in the neighboring parking space, and his snowmobile hits the front windshield of the police cruiser. He is uninjured but jailed by an exasperated sheriff, while his daughter and London are both given important parts in the movie. But Lucky's fortunes change when the professional stuntman hired for the film breaks a leg. Having freed himself from his jail cell by smashing through a window, Lucky arrives at the filming site and asks the director to use him as stuntman. The director agrees, and Lucky does an admirable job in a choreographed motorcycle chase of a truck, a jump from the motorcycle to the truck, and a fight with a man on the truck, to free the movie's young heroine, played by his daughter, and is assisted in this choreographed fight by London in the role of the heroine's plucky canine pet. Lucky has impressed the director, who contracts with him to do regular stunt work in Toronto, and Lucky placates the sheriff to lift escape-of-custody charges by paying for the repairs to the police cruiser and by leaving Mitchum for Toronto. His daughter will come with him.
Guest stars: Michael Hogan (Lucky), Mario Azzopardi (Ferraro Benedetti)
"Fast Freddie"
London meets Fast Freddie, a con-artist who specializes in disguising himself to swindle people out of their money. London first notices him pretending to be a blind man, colliding with a town mayor, and during the collision stealing the mayor's wallet. London is unable to alert the mayor to Freddie's theft, and Freddie makes a smooth getaway. Freddie next dresses as a slick, mustached encyclopedia salesman to fool the town clerk into telling him who the town's wealthiest woman is and what she fancies. Followed by London, Freddie next disguises himself as a greying music professor to ingratiate himself to the town's wealthiest woman, an older lady who does not suspect anything when Freddie returns as a fire marshal to inspect her home and thus gain access to her collection of priceless antiques. London obtains a newspaper clipping from Freddie's trailer that shows Freddie's picture and information on his style of thievery and brings the clipping to the town clerk, who recognizes Freddie and alerts a lady constable. The police woman catches Freddie in the act of stashing his ill-gotten gains into his trailer. Freddie is arrested for attempted larceny, with a probable 5-year jail sentence.
Guest stars: Morey Amsterdam (Freddie Tewksbury), Paul-Emile Frappier (Mayor Arthur Buckingham), Roger Dunn (Bert Tuddle)
"Forget Me Not"
A young lady who is the manager of a waterfall theme park called Canada's Wonderland that is due to open in a day's time, has had a car accident and been hospitalized with a concussion. Diagnosed with amnesia and confusion, she somehow has departed the hospital without doctor's permission and has wandered to the theme park and entered it without speaking to the Security guard, who sees her but does not know about her condition. Inferring that the young lady, Cynthia Masters, is disoriented, London has also entered the theme park and endeavors to keep Cynthia out of danger while trying to bring the attention to workers at the park to her dazed and confused condition. He is unable to stop her from boarding a roller coaster being tested for the park's opening, and its ups and downs and twists and turns remind her of her traumatic accident. Dr. Fowles at the hospital has ascertained that Cynthia, not his regular patient, is a diabetic who needs a regular insulin injection, but that she is not going to remember this. Moreover, she has left her purse with the vital insulin bottle at the hospital. Fowles contacts the theme park to inform the personnel there of Cynthia's condition, and Security combs the park in an urgent effort to find her before she goes into diabetic shock. Fowles arrives with the insulin bottle at the theme park and joins in the search. London stops Cynthia from stumbling off of an artificial cliff into a waterfall, and Fowles reaches her in sufficient time to administer to her the insulin and return her to hospital, where she fully recovers.
Guest stars: Joanna Pettet (Cynthia Masters), Richard Fitzpatrick (Dr. Fowles)
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