Hobo Binge: Monday, October 13

Hobo helps young engineer Shawn Turner in “Arrivederci Roma.”

On November 14th I will undertake the Hobo Challenge on the Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast. Jeff Marek, great Canadian hockey fan and “The Littlest Hobo” maven, will try to stump me with Hobo-related trivia. To prepare I will watch at least four episodes of “The Littlest Hobo” every day. Today I met my goal.

The following synopses are taken from Kevin McCorry’s excellent “The Littlest Hobo” webpage:

“Arrivederci Roma”
The organizer of a remote-controlled-model-airplane [sic] show hopes to market a miniature airplane produced by his own company, Weaver Aviation, but to his dismay finds that his bumbling engineer has not endowed the prototype with sufficient climbing power, and he is fearful that the miniature airplane demonstrated by Shawn Turner, a talented, young engineer, will outperform his faltering prototype at a national competition, the winner of which will go to Rome for a world-wide show and lucrative marketing contracts. So, he orders his engineer to disrupt Shawn’s remote-control with an interfering radio frequency transmitted by a hand-held device. London has overheard Weaver’s intentions and observes Weaver’s engineer with the device, which forces Shawn’s airplane to lose its climb and land sharply on the ground. London obtains the device and takes it to Shawn, who examines its sabotaging function and suspects Weaver’s involvement. Shawn attempts to devise a means of thwarting more of Weaver’s sabotage devices with a remote-controller that changes frequency while his airplane is airborne, so that the interfering signal will not affect the airplane’s flight on the new frequency. London, meanwhile, acts to stop Weaver’s engineer from using another interference device and to expose Weaver’s involvement in the sabotage. With Shawn’s winning electronic ingenuity and London’s virtuous efforts, it is good-bye, Rome, for the disgraced Weaver and Weaver’s engineer.
Guest stars: Richard Yearwood (Shawn Turner), Clarke Johnson (Mr. Turner), Harvey Sokoloff (Mr. Weaver)
London notices that glamor model Heather Atkinson is dazed and entranced when she hears the sound of camera shutters, which is very problematic for her as she aspires to be accepted as the advertising signiture [sic] girl for Mystique perfume. London discovers that Heather’s hypnotherapist, Dr. Henshaw, has “programmed” her to lose awareness of where she is whenever camera shutters are heard by her, so that a conniving rival can win the modeling audition. The righteous London acts to thwart Henshaw’s “programming”, first by breaking Heather’s trances, then by discarding a cassette with negatively suggestive messages that Henshaw has given to Heather to “relax” her. He then exposes Henshaw’s plot and the involvement therein of the rival glamor model.
Guest stars: John Evans (Dr. Henshaw), Elizabeth Edwards (Heather Atkinson)
"The Day of the Fugitive"
A Bulgarian ship is quarantined in a city harbor due to an apparent outbreak of plague among its crew. Milos, a shipboard engineer seeking asylum to defect from Communist Bulgaria to the democratic West, sneaks off of the beleagured sea vessel in an attempt to unite with his immigrated sister in the city. City officials decree that Milos be stopped at any cost to prevent the plague from spreading. London is seen helping the hunted man, and he is ordered intercepted too, killed if necessary! London aids the Bulgarian to attain sanctuary in a church, but the city authorities find them there. London and Milos both surrender to city police for treatment of the affliction, and it is determined by a Dr. Cobourne that the ship's crew were not plague-stricken but had suffered food poisoning with un-contagious, plague-like symptoms. London and Milos are examined, declared safe from illness, and released by Cobourne, and the Bulgarian stays in the city with his sister.
Guest stars: Gerard Parkes (Dr. Cobourne), Jan Filips (Milos)
"The Pied Piper"
London's latest companion, Dan Mooney, a kind, elderly man with an affinity for children and a knack for entertaining them, is accepted for work as a janitor at a children's hospital managed by an excitable, no-nonsense man. Mooney's goofy impressions and whimsical stories appeal to the "funny bones" of the boys and girls, all but one, a boy who is depressed by his estranged parents. Mooney does a ventriloquist act with London, whom he has granted entry into the hospital, portraying London as a German psychologist who promises to help to bring the boy's parents back together. But Mooney is interrupted in his voice-throwing performance by the hospital manager, who terminates his employment. Undaunted, Mooney, together with London, covertly enters the hospital when the boy's parents come there to visit and, with the help of a hospital matron, performs another acting stint, this time with the boy's involvement, to show to the parents how their arguing affects their son, thereby persuading them to reconcile for their son's sake in addition to their own. The hospital's manager is now morally obligated to rehire Mooney and to allow Mooney to entertain the children as he has done so successfully.
Guest stars: Jack Gilford (Dan Mooney), Louis Negin (Dr. McQuarter), August Schellenberg (Barney Baxter)
“Forget Me Not”
A young lady who is the manager of a waterfall theme park called Canada’s Wonderland that is due to open in a day’s time, has had a car accident and been hospitalized with a concussion. Diagnosed with amnesia and confusion, she somehow has departed the hospital without doctor’s permission and has wandered to the theme park and entered it without speaking to the Security guard, who sees her but does not know about her condition. Inferring that the young lady, Cynthia Masters, is disoriented, London has also entered the theme park and endeavors to keep Cynthia out of danger while trying to bring the attention to workers at the park to her dazed and confused condition. He is unable to stop her from boarding a roller coaster being tested for the park’s opening, and its ups and downs and twists and turns remind her of her traumatic accident. Dr. Fowles at the hospital has ascertained that Cynthia, not his regular patient, is a diabetic who needs a regular insulin injection, but that she is not going to remember this. Moreover, she has left her purse with the vital insulin bottle at the hospital. Fowles contacts the theme park to inform the personnel there of Cynthia’s condition, and Security combs the park in an urgent effort to find her before she goes into diabetic shock. Fowles arrives with the insulin bottle at the theme park and joins in the search. London stops Cynthia from stumbling off of an artificial cliff into a waterfall, and Fowles reaches her in sufficient time to administer to her the insulin and return her to hospital, where she fully recovers.
Guest stars: Joanna Pettet (Cynthia Masters), Richard Fitzpatrick (Dr. Fowles)
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