Hockey in Hobo: Gretzky Sweater

Hobo saves a fan of The Great One in “Rookie.”

The following synopsis is taken from Kevin McCorry’s excellent “The Littlest Hobo” webpage:

London meets a small-town police dog trainer named Ted, whose stepson, Noah, has a brain tumor and is terrified of impending surgery. Noah sneaks out of hospital, sheds his hospital attire, and runs into a wooded and fielded area. London sees the fleeing Noah and realizes that Noah, who has blackouts caused by the tumor, must be protected. London's barks awaken Noah from one of his blackouts in time for him to rise from a field so that the driver of a giant lawn-cutter sees him and responds with evasive action. Meanwhile, Ted has borrowed a tracking dog from his training academy to use in an unofficial search for Noah, and though London comes to Ted and tries to bring Ted to Noah, Ted disregards London and places all of his faith in his own tracking dog. London returns to Noah and sees the boy crawling into a car being towed to a service station. Noah has another blackout while in the car, which is raised on a hydraulic lift. The car repairman departs the service station for lunch hour and leaves the car in its risen position, and Noah falls from the car and activates the descending mechanism. Obtaining one of Noah's discarded hospital garments and dragging it on the ground to give Ted's dog a scent trail to the service station, London brings Ted thereto in time to save Noah from being crushed by the tire of the descending car. Noah's operation is successful, and he is in recovery when London leaves him. London is inducted into the Hall of Fame at Ted's academy, with a memorial sketched portrait!
Guest stars: Charles Kerr (Ted), Mark Polley (Noah), Barbara Gordon (Peg), Jeff Pustil (Frank)
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