God’s Heart and Ours

How the Lord of love changes our hearts from within (Sunday, August 29)

Song of Songs 2:8–13 — God’s heart of love in a love poem

The season of God’s love flowers as His gift to be received joyfully


SUMMARY This is an excerpt from Solomon’s love song with the young lovers pictured on a background of spring blossoming. It speaks to us about being real about love and its emotions and sensuality — all God-given.

Mark 7:1–8, 14–15, 21–23 — Religious tradition can’t disguise the heart

Jesus points out the lack of love for God in the Pharisees’ traditions


SUMMARY This is clear teaching by Jesus of the falsehood of the Pharisees’ pride in their legalistic religious righteousness, while harbouring hatred and speaking badly and untruthfully about Him.

James 1:17–27 — The word of God is a mirror to show us our heart

It is our responsibility to recognise and rid ourselves of wrong attitudes


SUMMARY Being made holy (the long word is ‘sanctification’) is truly a life-long process. James highlights the transformative effect of God’s word — God speaking to us now through the Bible. This starts with new birth, v.18, through the “word planted in you which can save you”, as God’s truth being revealed changes our hearts. The divine truth that is God’s word continues its work, bringing change to our deep-seated human independence, and challenging all our attitudes and responses that arise from that source.



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Ian Greig

Husband+Father | Missional Christian | Author+ Speaker+Creator — offering ‘Faith without the Faff’ to encourage those not attracted to a formal club-like church