Become Who You Are by Learning Who You Might Become

“Know yourself. Know your worth.”

  1. Be Brave Enough To Express Yourself
  2. The Importance of Learning
  3. Push The Limits

As much as we are different from one another, we are also quite the same. We all have dreams and goals. They are different and unique, but the fact that we all go through the same things to achieve them makes us similar to one another.

If you think about it, we all strive for something in our life, we all have to face our fears, and each and every one of us, at some point in life, has to overcome an obstacle to get to the setup goal.

So my story is not very different from yours.

I, too, want to be happy and satisfied, and I want to live a fulfilled life. That’s my end goal, and that is what humanity strives for in the long run. The means to get it might be different and the lessons we learn along the way will be unique to everyone.

However, one thing that separates us is the way we handle things.

If you stop learning and progressing when you encounter an obstacle, you will never learn who you might become.

It’s not easy to deal with failure if you don’t have a growth mindset. It’s even more difficult to overcome obstacles if you are not ready to learn from them.

All of the great minds throughout history are no different than me and you. They had dreams and goals, and they wanted to achieve something in their lifetime. Just as we all do.

However, what separates them and makes them stand out from the crowd is their persistence and their mindset. They knew that in order to do great things in life, they first had to learn who they can become. And they took things in their own hands.

You can become one of these people. We all can. But first, you need to learn who you can become.

Nothing is difficult when you know your worth.

Be Brave Enough To Express Yourself

Photo by Jack Sloop on Unsplash

Fear is something we all deal with throughout our lives. But we should not let it define us.

In order to learn who we can become, we need to exit our comfort zone and embrace fear, rather than letting them shape our existence.

People have different skills and qualities. But they can be changed and altered over the years. The more you work on them, the better you become at something.

We learn throughout our entire life, and to think that there is a certain moment where we stop growing and improving is very wrong. That type of attitude will keep you from becoming a better version of yourself.

And this is precisely what keeps you from becoming one of the people who have the potential to change the world.

Instead of denying yourself and your capabilities, you need to be open to change and to keep going forward.

You need to get out of the comfort zone and start expressing yourself.

No one will recognize your worth if you don’t do it for yourself first.

The Importance of Learning

“Life is about learning; when you stop learning, you die.” — Tom Clancy

Let me ask you a question.

When was the last time you read a book?

When was the last time you learned a new skill?

And even more important, when was the last time you did something meaningful that made you proud of who you are and who you have become?

Life is a road with many obstacles. On this road, you choose which path you’ll take, and it’s up to you how far you will come along the way.

Even if take thing one at a time, and dedicate a small portion of your day for learning something new, you will be miles ahead from people who refuse to do it.

By learning new things every day you learn just how much you can prosper as an individual. You learn that the version of you today can become a much better version tomorrow, a month or a year from now.

If you are asking yourself what can you do to achieve this, let me tell you, even with this attitude you are on the right path.

The first obstacle towards self-growth is overcoming ignorance. When you are willing to learn and progress nothing will stand in your way to success.

Discover what you are passionate about, and begin slowly. Even 15 minutes of your day will be enough to get you started. Instead of checking your phone for 15 minutes, dedicate this time to whatever makes you feel happy. Learn a new language, start a new sport, read your favorite book, learn to play an instrument, master a new skill.

Your whole personality is built around these things. And the more you learn, the better and more aware you become.

You are what you learn to become.

Your new skills and everything you learn along the way will make you a brighter, more self-aware, experienced, and much stronger person than you are right now.

Life is not a smooth ride, and there will be times when you’d wish you knew better. But if you are prepared for them, they won’t stop you from excelling.

Push The Limits

There are no limits to what you can do. You can achieve anything you want.

The only limits in your life are set up there by your own mind, consciously or not.

By getting to know yourself better, your likes, dislikes, what drives you in life, you will see that all of this can be altered, and what you once considered to be a limitation is now a new challenge for you.

It’s precisely this type of mindset that all great minds have in common.

This is only possible, however, if you push the limits of your reality to the point where you no longer see them as such.

Take on a little more than you think you can, and you will see that you were capable of doing it in the first place. The only thing that was standing in your way was your own mind.

Break down the barriers, and reach for your goals and dreams. No matter how distant they seem at this moment. You will get there.

Stop looking for shortcuts, and put an end to self-doubt or self-pity. You can become as good at something as you aspire to be, only if you are in the right mindset.

Passing one obstacle at a time, and learning a new lesson as you go, will speed up this process, and you will be surprised just how capable you’ve become.

Because after all, everything can be learned, but you just need to pay attention!

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