Fail Until You Don’t

Bruno (HE) Mirchevski
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Failure is not the end of your story.

  1. Failure Is Bad, But Not The Worst
  2. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

What is your excuse for not pursuing your dreams?

Is it the possibility of failure?

Or is it the fear that has taken over you and convinced you that unless you succeed you are not good enough?

I have said this on many occasions, but failure is not your enemy, fear is.

There is a huge misconception revolving around the term “failure” that makes people terrified of it. They believe that once you fail, there is no going back. Which, for that matter, is true. Once you’ve done something, no matter the outcome, that thing is long gone in the past and there is nothing you can do that will change that. However, failure is not the end of your journey, and although you cannot go back, you can still move forward, even if you failed somewhere along the way.

Life is like that. You fail, it won’t be pretty, but eventually, you have two options.

The first one is to remain on the ground, blaming yourself of your ‘incompetence’, blaming others, and dwelling on your decisions. This option is truly scary and gives failure a bad connotation.

The second option, however, is to go over your mistake, make a plan, and get up. By doing this, instead of drowning in self-pity and desperation, you’ll reevaluate your steps and think of another plan that not only will be better than the previous one, but it will also move you forward in your journey.

By doing this, you will learn and grow.

You see, life is not a smooth ride, and there will be many small and big bumps along the way. But falling doesn’t mean that your journey has ended, nor that there is no other alternative. It means that you encountered an obstacle, but you rose up and conquered it.

Failure Is Bad, But Not The Worst


I’ve noticed that failure as a term is discussed more than ever before, business and career-wise.

In a time with such an advanced technological advancement and massive growth of the business industry, a lot of people try to enter the entrepreneurial world. Startups are opened daily, and amazing business ideas are flourishing. But with so much competition on the market, not everyone can make it. Many people quit after the first failure, because they were not prepared, or simply because they are afraid to try again, and then fail again.

To encourage people to accept it as something that happens to all of us and is a positive thing, many people, entrepreneurs, authors, motivational speakers, etc, say that failure is a part of success, and a good thing. And while I do agree that every success story (or at least most of them) is built on countless attempts that were just not good enough until one eventually worked, I don’t think that failure should be over-glorified.

Saying that it’s okay to fail, is a positive thing.

Saying that you must fail, is not.

You can be successful, and not fail somewhere along the way. It’s not something that you MUST do.

However, doing so doesn’t make you any worse than those who haven’t experienced. As a matter of fact, it can teach you many valuable things.

Things that other people have not experienced. You can learn a unique lesson with every failure. And you’ll be stronger, more resilient, and much wiser than you before.

If your plan for, let’s say, opening a business as something you always dreamt of doing fails, you need to recalculate all of your steps, what you did and where it all went wrong.

Maybe you were trying too hard and you experienced burnout or didn’t make a good analysis of the market needs. Maybe you lacked investors and money. It can be a lot of reasons and you can make many mistakes, again and again.

But with each failure, you will learn what not the best way to do something is. You’ll learn that you need to take things slowly and always do extensive research. You will try harder next time for resources and search for other available options.

You will learn, and you will upgrade your skills and knowledge.

And after all those failures and defeats, do you know what will happen?

You will become better, and ultimately you will win.

You will earn your success, reach your goals, and become much stronger and wiser than before.

That’s the thing about failures. They are bad, and sometimes very painful. However, with the proper mindset and attitude, you’ll see that after all, they are not as bad as they seem.

So let’s not glorify them, but accept them as they are — a lesson that will make you better and prevent a mistake from happening again.

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn


There is a quote I can quite relate to. It says “failure is a success in progress”. When you think about it, that’s entirely true. However, the only way your mistakes will turn into success is by learning the lessons that come with them.

Eventually, you’ll climb the stairs leading to your goals, and each step of the way will represent one obstacle defeated by you, and one lesson learned along the way.

We set up goals through the course of our lives. Some are bigger, others not so much. A goal can be to take some time off this week, finish with your work on time, and watch that new movie you were interested in, or maybe spend some time with friends and family.

Reaching these small goals and “winning” in your efforts to do the things you planned on doing, gives a sense of self-appreciations. It teaches you that small steps count and provides more experience to deal with those bigger plans and goals of yours.

After all, you can’t run a company (presuming that can be a large goal) if you don’t know how to take some time off for yourself and the people you love.

For entrepreneurs, particularly, understanding that you need to keep trying until you get it right, is extremely important. That’s mostly where failure is presented as something positive, mainly to influence a positive rather than a negative feeling in people who’d failed to do something.

I, myself, as an entrepreneur, have experienced a lot of ups and downs. There were a lot of failures on my way, and at the beginning, it was difficult for me to handle them. I felt as if it was the end of my career. Sometimes it felt like the end of the world. But I never gave up, and I kept pushing forward.

I must admit thinking of failure as something that can be helpful, instead of disastrous for your professional and personal life, really helped me get up on my feet and continue living my life. I am aware that it’s not something that you should anticipate, but when it does happen, it’s also not something that you should be afraid of.

At the end of the day, you can’t always be the winner. Sometimes you have to learn, thus grow.

If you want to succeed in something, you must lose the fear and take risks.

After all, it’s better to take one step back to take two steps forward, than to stay still in the same place, without any kind of progress in your life.

As I already said, that is your biggest obstacle towards succeeding in your personal and professional life, while failure can be unpleasant yet valuable.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what kind of life you want to lead and what you will do about that. Just remember, that you will fail.

You will fail a lot, until that one moment when all the sacrifice and hard work you put into something, together with all the lessons learned from failure, will result in success.

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