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How Ditching the Schedule Can Shape Your Productivity

To succeed is to want, not just to plan.

  1. The Original Plan
  2. The Man Down Under
  3. How I Improved My Productivity

If you really think about it, and check the analytics, mostly doing your research, you’ll find that it takes anywhere from about 18 to 254 days for any person on this earth to form a new habit.

After this habit is formed, it can take an additional 66 days for it to become automatic, or in other words, second nature.

What do I mean by this?

Well, I used to be a procrastinator, as in, I wasn’t very productive.

So, I went online, trying to truly learn how to shape my productivity, and came across a lot of articles.

The Original Plan

If you’ve ever been on YouTube, chances are that you have listened to TEDx talks, Psychology channels, or anything in-between.

As I was analyzing all of them, I came to one conclusion, that, if I get my life together, according to them, by introducing a schedule of daily activities I need to fulfill, I’d get out of that hole I’m in and potentially increase my productivity level by 100%.

Well, here’s the thing, 0 x 100 is still 0, so they were slightly off with this method.

Do not get me wrong, if a schedule works for you, go right ahead, I hope it brings you happiness and it increases your productivity.

But here’s when it all went wrong.

The Man Down Under

There’s some beauty in having a schedule.

You wake up each day, and you read your daily tasks which shape your day.

1. 6:00 AM– the alarm clock goes off.

2. 6:30 AM — you finish your hygiene activities

3. 7:00 AM — you go out for a jog or a bike ride for approx. 60 minutes

4. 8:00 AM — you take a shower and prepare for work

5. 8:30 AM — you make a protein shake and drink it before getting to your car

6. 9:00 AM — you arrive to work and begin your day

Now, you might have another schedule here of your daily work activities, go there, do that, and so on.

While this system might work for certain people, it is, in a way, fundamentally flawed.

If you don’t quite get what I mean by this yet, let me explain.

When you are limited to a set of activities, on a daily basis, you limit yourself both physically and mentally.

Why run an hour, when your body can go for the full two hours, and you can just push your workday an hour more during that specific time period.

Why be pressured to complete everything on that list by the end of the day, if your mind and trait as a human is shaped to work in a more relaxed environment.

That pressure of living up to the exact limit, and the exact time frame in which it takes to complete a given task you have assigned for yourself, will inevitably ruin you.

How I Improved My Productivity

Now we’re at the “meat” of the article, as a lot of people say when reading these.

Here, you’re probably assuming you will learn the master plan, everything you need to know about increasing your productivity, and that tomorrow you’ll wake up a new person, prepared to conquer the world.

Well, it’s not that simple.

You see, just as there’s no “recipe” for success, there’s no “recipe” for productivity.

It varies from person to person.

The moment I ditched the schedule, is the moment I became the most productive.

I felt like I’ve been unchained like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and that feeling of freedom skyrocketed me to success.

· Even though I had no paper or application setting that told me I had to wake up at 6:00 AM every morning, my body automatically woke up, as I instinctively built myself up to work that way.

· Even though I did not have a step-by-step activity guide as to what to do, I simply did what felt right, and the more it felt right, the more productive I was.

I ran for two hours, not one, I worked for 12 hours, not just 8, I felt, in a way, freer than I had ever felt with a schedule.

In other words, I truly discovered what made my motivation tick, and I used it to my advantage.

One Step at a Time

I would like to point out, once more, that this is in no way a guide telling you to skip your schedule today.

If it works for you, keep it, go for it, live by it, and enjoy it.

If you truly want to succeed at something, a schedule won’t define your success, your ambition and willpower, however, will make a difference.

But, if you’re the kind of person who feels shackled by your everyday schedule and cycle, and feels like you are living in a loop, give yourself some space, throw away your schedule, and see how your body and mind respond to this change.

You’ll soon start to realize that you have been limiting yourself, and you will truly unleash the productivity beast inside of you.

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