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Life Is A Constant Search Of Who We Are

You are a complex creation of the opinions you have, your experiences, and the choices you make.

  1. Finding Your Purpose in Life — The Truth Behind It
  2. Don’t Limit Yourself to One Thing Only
  3. It’s Never Too Late to Strive for Growth

According to Greek philosopher Socrates, the unexamined life is not one worth living.

In other words, you should know yourself.

But is this really possible, and to what extent exactly?

We might think we know everything about ourselves, yet we are often surprised by our thoughts or actions.

And yes, you might know your favorite food, you recognize what you like or dislike, or you know what your favorite color is.

Still, can you say with 100% certainty that you know what your purpose in life is, what makes you happy on a daily basis, or whether this will be true one month from now, or perhaps 10 years from now?

If you do, I don’t really think you know yourself all that well, although you’ve accepted who you are at the moment.

Humans are complex sentient beings, with even more complex needs and emotions.

And what you think about yourself today, was not the same thing from years ago.

So why should it be any different with your future?

Take into account the moments that you have yet to experience, the things you will learn, and the people you will meet. With all of these things, the way you perceive yourself right now will be different in the years to come.

We change. Constantly.

And accepting this change brings you one step closer to leading a happy and fulfilled life.

Finding Your Purpose In Life — The Truth Behind It

Photo by Smart on Unsplash

Knowing oneself means knowing both your good and your bad sides, your likes and dislikes, and most importantly — knowing what truly makes you happy.

Can you answer that right know — what is the thing that makes you happy?

If you have an immediate answer, then you already have your purpose in life, and you better cherish it until it expires.

Because it eventually will. And you’ll have to find something else that makes you happy.

The pursuit of a life’s purpose is a topic that afflicts so many people.

We often read about it, hear people talking about it. We see it in books and movies, and, basically, all around us.

There is this obsession with finding a purpose in life, although people rarely get the fundamental truth behind it — a purpose in life means finding what makes you happy.

Is it your work?

Is it your family?

Is it something entirely different?

The answer really depends on your personality, and who you are as a person right now.

It also depends on what you need right now.

If you know what makes you happy at this very moment, and you understand that things can change in time, then it’s going to be much easier for you to grow as a person.

It’s also going to be much easier for you to always have the sense that you know what you are doing.

So the truth is, as long as you know what makes you happy, you have your life’s purpose.

However, you need to have an open mind and to be open to change.

Who knows what’s going to happen a day, a year, or 10 years from now.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Thing Only

Photo by Ben Sweet on Unsplash

If you are still searching for your ‘true self’ it’s crucial that you don’t limit yourself to one thing only.

Yes, you might be an excellent writer, and you see yourself as one. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t possess other defining qualities.

You might also be an excellent problem-solver or a natural team leader.

You can try to explore all of these other qualities of yours, without losing one or the other.

The secret is to never stop exploring your capabilities, and when you learn that you are good at something — use it to your advantage.

Your character and personality are the product of many things, whether it’s the environment, the people around you, or maybe some things you were born with.

But it’s never just one thing.

It’s always the right combination of more qualities and factors.

So, in life, you need not limit yourself to a certain thing. That way you are sabotaging yourself.

Explore yourself, and explore new things. After all, life is a constant search of who we are.

It’s Never Too Late To Strive For Growth

Photo by Daniel Öberg on Unsplash

Finally, one last advice from me is to never stop searching for growth.

If you are happy and content with your life right now, you are already doing the right things.

However, life is unpredictable and it’s better to have a growth mindset that will help you deal with the good times and the bad ones.

Acknowledging the need for growth is the first step in growing.

When you are faced with an opportunity in life, the choice you make at that moment decides whether you will take a step forward or not.

Taking the opportunity to grow will keep you going on your journey.

Failing to do so will prevent you from ever seeing where life can take you.

So what’s your choice?

Remember, although every single day presents us with a new opportunity, some things only happen once and it’s better to try and fail than to never try and live with regrets.

Make the right choice for you.

Choose to grow. Choose to find your purpose. Choose to become a better version of yourself.

Your journey has just begun.

The person you are today is the result of all the effort you put in yourself in the past.

Who you are going to be in the future, largely depends on your choices today.

And life is nothing but the constant search of who we are.

The goal is to keep trying to be better so that we can live a peaceful and fulfilled life today.

There is nothing wrong with striving for more. As a matter of fact, it’s wonderful to do that.

Just keep in mind that you also need to learn to appreciate what you have right now, even if you know that this is not the best version of your life.

Because, at the end of the day, this right here is what matters the most. Not the past, nor the future — but today.

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