Make One Step Back To Make Two Steps Ahead

Bruno (HE) Mirchevski
May 26 · 6 min read

Quitting is never an option.

There is a famous saying by Vladimir Lenin that goes something like this:

“It is necessary sometimes to take one step backward to take two steps forward.”

It is a quote I stumble upon very often, and it’s possibly one of the best advice I’ve heard throughout my whole life.

The saying teaches us that in life you often will stumble upon obstacles, some of which you will not be able to overcome.

These obstacles teach us many things. Some of them show us that we are just not ready yet to embark on our journey towards reaching our goals yet. Others portray the picture of how difficult and complex life can be.

The saying also teaches us that no matter what happens, there should be no room left for giving up.

So when you are faced with problems that you can’t possibly find the solution to, it’s time to lay back and take some time off.

But once you’ve done this, you need to get back in track, equipped with more knowledge and experience than ever before. So much that you can now take two steps instead of one.

The problem is not when you are moving too slow towards your goals, but when you are not moving at all.

Taking That One Step Backward


It’s not easy to admit to ourselves and to others that we’ve reached a point in our life where we don’t know where we are headed.

Especially after the hard work we have put into all of our achievements.

Imagine this, you’ve worked for years to get to where you are today.

You’ve put sweat and effort, you lost people during the process, but eventually, you got what you were aiming for.

So what if you make one wrong move, and all of your time and effort suddenly goes to waste? Or even worse, what if it is not even your fault at all but the result of only an unfortunate or unexpected event?

Instead of forcing yourself to keep going when nothing seems to be alright, you need to be brave enough to know when to slow down.

Sometimes life gets the better of us, and no matter how determined or proud we are, there isn’t all that much we can do.

The most important and noble thing you can do at this point is to come in terms with your failure and allow yourself to take one step back.

In no ways does this mean that you are defeated and that you won't be able to rise again. It only means that you need some time off to rethink your options and rise even higher.

So what you need to do when faced with such a situation is the following:

Observe the situation.

Think of the best and the worst outcomes.

Take some time off.

Retrace your steps until you found where things went wrong.

Summarize the situation into a lesson.

Learn and remember that lesson for the future.

Learn to let go.

Remember, things will get better eventually, you just need to absorb everything you possibly can until that happens.

Slow Progress Is Still Progress


The moment you let go of the things keeping you in the position you are now and take a step back will be the moment you actually make some progress.

And you know how they say “every step counts”, even the smallest ones. Even these two you are about to make.

It might take you some time before you get to the final goal, but remember, it’s not always about the end goal, but the journey you embark on to get there.

Even though life puts many obstacles in our way, planned or not, you will eventually reach all your goals.

Often we expect things to go smoothly, but they don’t and that’s entirely fine. For as long as you keep your mind focused on the things that make you happy and want to achieve, no matter how slow your progress might seem, it still is progress and you should be content with it.

I would add another quote here, one that I am deeply fond of.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

These are amazing words of wisdom by one of the greatest philosophers in history, Confucius. And even though they date to thousands of years ago, they still hold great importance and value to this day we live in. Try to remember them when you are feeling down, and when you have to take that difficult step backward.

That does not mean you have been defeated. Instead, it means you have been given a chance t make things right. And you should take that chance.

Quitting Is Not An Option


The moral of the story is to not give in to the hurdles. To never quit, even when it seems as that is the only choice left.

Quitting is not an option, and it never should be.

Instead, calculate your losses and start a new, better plan.

Your course might change a little bit, but the end goal remains the same.

So when you feel like quitting, remember that no matter which path you’ll take, the road will be paved with obstacles that you need to overcome, as nothing good in life comes as easy as we expect.

So stop contemplating and start doing something about it.

Things won’t always resolve by themselves.

One final advice would be to stay open to change. Life is often unpredictable so you have to be prepared even if things are going just fine at the moment. You cannot predict what is going to happen to you today, tomorrow or a year from now.

So stay positive and have a clear focus on your goals.

That way, no matter what happens, those steps you’ll be making will only serve as experience to you.

Making one step back to make two steps forward is not a bad thing and you should not be discouraged by it.

Instead, embrace the changes and keep believing in yourself. The sun will shine even brighter than before after the clouds clear out from the sky. However, in order to really experience life, you also learn to enjoy the rain.

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Don’t follow me. I am lost too!😎

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