The Idea Behind myLinkedIn Services

Let’s make your experience with LinkedIn stand out!

  1. The Idea
  2. The Concept
  3. What Is myLinkedIn Services?
  4. Why myLinkedIn Services?
  5. myLinkedIn Services Helps Individuals and Companies Grow

Founded in January of 2019, is the first company run by the .

LinkedIn as a business platform has become one of the most important employment-oriented services online.

Therefore, business-wise, it is a crucial social media network one should use and optimize. Recognizing the importance of this network, the team of put a lot of hard work in making this idea happen.

If you have an idea, create an opportunity yourself, and go for it. You know how they say “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”.

That was exactly what I did when I got the idea to create. After successfully establishing and running various businesses, I decided it was time to grow, again.

Considering the progress of my previous work, I knew that I was prepared to start something brand new, something that the people need.

The company is still a work in progress but is steadily approaching the finish line. It’s a location independent agency and once again, our idea is to spread on a global level and serve the people who need our help in the best way possible.

The market, followed by extensive research on LinkedIn as a business platform and its capabilities, showed us that there is a lack of this service.

After making a feasibility analysis and a good market analysis, it was the perfect time to begin with, an agency that will help you get the job of your dreams or significantly improve and grow your business.

Let’s explain this better.

The Idea

The start of the new year that was ahead of us encouraged me to something new.

We, as a team, all experienced a fruitful year in which we had many achievements, and all of us grew professionally and individually.

The team was faced with many challenges and overcoming them showed us that we are ready to take another big step. Enriched with the experiences and the knowledge we accumulated over time, we decided on a slightly different idea than the ones we had before.

It was the perfect time for a new beginning.

This time we chose a network we are quite familiar with and have worked on in the past, and decided to perfect it.

Not for us, but for other people.

Those that need help in establishing a positive image of themselves and properly presenting all of their skills and capabilities in a way that is noticeable and stands out in the crowd.

We decided to work with LinkedIn, as I personally think that it will grow into something much bigger in the near future. Currently, LinkedIn is the most popular business platform and it was just the right time to launch an agency that will concentrate on its users and their requirements.

If you want to know why LinkedIn has so much potential, check out the following link.

Fast forward a couple of months, we eventually launched and we are more than happy to explain the concept behind it and give you an insight into our work.

The Concept

The concept behind is simplistic, yet effective. We wanted to create something that will help out the current and future users of this business platform, whether it’s an individual, a startup, or a company to improve their profile.

Knowing just how great the potential of LinkedIn is, it’s quite important to stay presentable on it.

There are certain things that the platform values the most, a large place for improvement if you know how, as well as hidden tips and tricks that can make your resume stand out as an individual trying to land a better job.

It is the same with startups. If you want growth, you need to have a clear vision, but also to know how to “sell” it to people and possible investors.

For small and medium business the most important thing is to attract customers and present your product or service in the most professional way possible.

Finally, for large corporations, which are also a part of our field of work, branding and keeping a positive image for the customers and the potential ones is a must.

Overall, the concept behind is to boost growth through maximizing the reach and engagement of your LinkedIn profile.

What Is myLinkedIn Services?

As mentioned before is an agency that was founded just at the beginning of 2019.

We offer different solutions to people that want to build or upgrade their LinkedIn Profile.

From a full one-time makeover of the customer’s profile to monthly maintenance on a personal or business profile.

As a team we are determined to meet our clients’ needs, therefore we operate on a highly professional level and will deliver results in no time.

The agency will boost your online presence and will optimize your visibility in front of the people you are targeting.

has different price plans which were designed according to the market’s need. The advantage here is that users can browse through the price plans and choose which one fits their needs the most both money-wise, and in terms of the preferred results and the time our customers want them to be delivered.

Overall, we are an agency that believes in long term growth.

We put our customers first, set our focus on their improvement, and care about providing the best service and for them. Therefore delivering good results is what keeps us in track and inspires us to do the job even better.

Why myLinkedIn Services?

Because we want to help individuals and businesses to leave a better impression and deliver a confident online presence.

Because it’s our goal to use the knowledge we acquired over the years to do good and help others achieve better results.

Because the market needs this solution.

LinkedIn has grown into the largest and most popular business platform, where you have the opportunity to grow professionally. No matter if you are an individual looking for a good job opportunity, or a company trying to grow the business, LinkedIn can certainly help you achieve your goals.

At , we believe in solutions, instead of just ideas.

In a world where competition is much more fierce than it ever was, you need to stand out and be recognizable. When you give something memorable to the people, only then you have succeeded to be the better player. It’s also then when you see the results.

If you don’t exactly know how to do it, we come to your rescue.

Form basic, we will turn your portfolio and online appearance into outstanding.

The company takes care of all the details, including the privacy and safety of your information or the consistency needed to achieve the desired results.

Our work is discrete and professional and you can completely put your trust in the team behind .

No matter how experienced and talented you are, no matter the size of your business, if you don’t leave a good online impression, failure will be an inevitable thing.

So why risk it?

myLinkedIn Services Helps Individuals and Companies Grow

The approach we took into creating this company was inspired by the opportunities that LinkedIn as a network offers to its users.

Our work consists of helping both individuals and companies to grow under our guidance. We know the enormous difference a good profile can make, especially when it comes to this business platform. From content to keyword optimization, every single detail counts.

LinkedIn is a network with millions of active users. Many of them use it to land a job, while others are offering jobs. There are also companies and individuals that want to grow on a professional level or promote a service or a product.

In other words, what matters the most on the platform is connecting with the right people.

And we are here to make this happen!

For job seekers and people that are offering jobs, we have the right resolutions of optimizing their profiles to easily attract the wanted results. Our price plans include things like content, building connections, increasing skills and endorsements and managing other valuable aspects of a person’s profile.

When it comes to companies on LinkedIn, our team will first conduct a complete analysis and then come up with the best individual strategies of improving their online presence and attracting potential clients and customers.

As a team, we will join our efforts to make a change in our clients’ lives!

Bottom line, has an optimal solution for every problem, for both companies and individual profiles. We will do a full makeover of their LinkedIn profile, and guide them through the best ways to reach their professional goals.

We have a long journey ahead of us, but we are positive that will grow in the future as we hope and expect.

For now, we know that we have to work hard and do our best for this company to reach the milestones that we set up for ourselves.

Needless to say, we are focused on our customers and constantly come up with ideas that will make people’s lives easier.

Hopefully, this will bring us one step closer to making a change in people’s lives.

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