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We will help you grow through the power of words.

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  1. The Idea
  2. The Concept
  3. What Is myWriting Services?
  4. Why myWriting Services?
  5. myWriting Services Helps You Boost Your Online Presence

Founded in July 2019, myWriting Services is the newest addition to our companies. The beginnings of the idea behind this business concept date back a long time ago, prior to the establishment of myWriting Services.

In the following text, we are going to give a brief representation of the birth of the idea behind the business, how the same idea developed over time, and finally, the moment myWriting Services became our new reality.

Writing has always been one of the most cherished professions, and even hobbies for people. It’s has been around since ancient times, and will remain a crucial thing in people’s lives forever. In one way or the other.

There isn’t a firm answer to whether someone can be the best at it, but you can always strive to become the best version of yourself as a writer.

Some of the greatest names in human history are writers who managed to use the written word as a gate to a whole different world, where the unimaginable becomes real, and the real becomes fiction.

However, apart from that creative form of writing, apart from novels, or poetry, writing nowadays has become an incredibly crucial part for other aspects of our lives as well.

As a skillset, writing is much more than just words on paper or on your screen. They tell a story, inspire certain feelings, and have the power to convince people to do something.

That is precisely why content is used in marketing and is one of the things that can really set you apart from your competition, especially on the internet.

More and more people are using it to present their work and the work of their organization. On the other hand, a lot of people don’t know how to to it, so they fall behind the competition.

Seeing that there is enormous potential on this market, as well as a need for it, we’ve decided to open an agency that will help people in need of better content.

We’ve been writing different types of content for quite some time now, and after the success with our blog, we felt ready for the next step.

After conducting good market research and the right feasibility analysis, it was time to convert what once was an idea to our newest company myWriting Services.

Let’s explain this better.

The Idea

As we previously said, after gaining experience in this field, and having many successful projects behind us, we thought that it would be an excellent idea to create a company that will officially offer our skillset to people who need it.

It was an already exciting idea, implemented in a new resolution.

We gathered the experience, the proper team of professional individuals eager to help others with their businesses, as well as the passion and motivation we needed for the job. myWriting Services was the ultimate result that came out of it.

Although the idea was something that we were considering for a while, we decided that it was time for the team to move forward, in a new, yet known, direction.

Sometimes all you have to do is take a calculated risk and hope for the best. That’s what we are doing and, hopefully, the idea behind this company will bring long-term growth for both us, and our customers.

The Concept

The concept behind myWriting Services is to make something that will stand out. Our business idea, at first glance, is not something unseen before, but we are striving to revolutionize the market by bringing innovative resolutions all the time, and upgrading our business concept.

The best thing is that we will do the same for our customers.

Not only will we take care of their content needs, but the concept behind myWriting is to help them grow and prosper in their industries. We are striving to take our client’s ideas to another level of expansion.

We already saw the potential in this, and are now expecting our potential clients to recognize our potential.

myWriting Services focuses both on individuals and companies (startups, as well as small, medium and large corporation), and we provide one-time services as well as monthly content maintenance, among other things.

Overall, the concept behind myWriting Services is to boost growth through high-quality content and content management.

What Is myWriting Services?

As previously said, myWriting Services as a company was founded in July 2019 and is under the guidance of HE Group.

We already have established several businesses and branding products, and this is our latest achievement.

We are striving to achieve much more in the future, and grow our business in the process.

We want to provide our customers with affordable price plans that will offer all kinds of services custom made for their individual needs and preferences.

Our services include different content that spreads from simple blog post solutions, valuable research studies and guides, to social media, product, and website content.

Apart from that, myWriting Services boasts with the most valuable content management tools that will grant additional help with the growth of the customers’ businesses.

Our price plans are something that we will discuss prior to the collaboration with our clients, as it is difficult to set up a one-fits-all solution when it comes to writing tasks and managing the content for someone.

However, we pride ourself with great efficiency and good time management, which means that our customers will get the best results in no time, and all for a very reasonable price.

In other words, our client’s preferences are what matters the most, and we will out hard work and determination until we deliver the best content.

Why myWriting Services?

Because we have the experience, and the market needs a different solution to what is already present.

Because we will help you grow your business, and achieve your goals.

Because content is the future of marketing.

Considering our previous works, and the team of professional writers that we established over time, it was the next reasonable step. That was our reason to develop myWriting Services.

However, if you are wondering why you should choose us, then the best answer would be — because we are loyal, professional, and trustworthy.

We already understand the needs of the market and want to provide a solution, by focusing on niche experiences.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced business owner, the one thing you need to know is that no matter how experienced you are, if you don’t leave the proper online impression, you won’t be able to grow.

And we are here to prevent that from happening.

myWriting Services Helps You Boost Your Online Presence

By now you already have an idea of what myWriting Services stands for. We, as a company, know just how important quality content, as well as content marketing and management, are.

Thus, our work consists of helping both individuals and companies to grow under our guidance.

We know the enormous difference quality content can make, especially on the internet where people value integrity and a good brand. So, we want to make sure that our clients get the whole treatment and achieve all of their goals with our help.

From SEO to keyword optimization, every single detail counts.

Writing your life story is your obligation, but we can help you edit the details, and upgrade it into something that is definitely worth reading.

We strive to become a content solution for every company on the market, regardless of location or industry.

We do work with individuals and companies, and we are flexible to the customer’s every individual need.

In other words, myWriting Services will take the entire content organization into our hands when necessary, and we work both on one-time projects as well as monthly maintenance.

It’s up to the customers to put their trust in our hand, and we will write them a much better and more successful growth story.

The Logician

The Official Publication of The Logician

Bruno (HE) Mirchevski

Written by

The Logician (Dreamer) 👁️ Don’t follow me. I am lost too!😎 Founder of HE Group - (Investor) 📈

The Logician

The Official Publication of The Logician

Bruno (HE) Mirchevski

Written by

The Logician (Dreamer) 👁️ Don’t follow me. I am lost too!😎 Founder of HE Group - (Investor) 📈

The Logician

The Official Publication of The Logician

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