The Idea Behind HE Group

Your new favorite organization that strives for success!

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  1. The Idea
  2. The Concept
  3. What Is HE Group?
  4. Why HE Group?
  5. Investing in Companies and Individuals
  6. At HE Group We Create

Officially founded in January of 2018, is an organization that not only strives for success but for a better tomorrow as well.

With an official start in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, the organization has set its focus on a global level. Having the eyes on the prize, the team of knows that nothing is impossible.

The location-independent team works in a large virtual workspace, which only makes our goal more easily reachable. With different backgrounds, skills, and experiences, the team of will grant you with a unique experience.

The members of our team are highly creative individuals, with growth mindsets and A-type personalities, ambitious and always ready for new challenges.

This organization intends to break the boundaries of the business world by widening the horizons of human engineering and overall educating the world.

The Idea

All I had was an idea. The truth is, I did not have much money to start a business, nor I had someone to lean on to. I did not have that “push” in life, nor my friends were really supportive.

I was young and inexperienced, but I was a big dreamer also. And you know that nobody can stop a dreamer, right?

Nothing was important except for that vision. I knew I had to do it, one way or another.

And I did it. I grabbed my idea by the throat and made it happen.

Often times, there are far more important things than having the resources to start a business. I understand how important and stressless it is to run a company when having money, but it is not the utmost crucial thing in the business world.

Often times it is the courage and the excitement about making something on your own.

Even if you fail, at least you tried. I liked that idea. A lot.

We will aim to go viral, to go global. We will work tirelessly for that goal every day.

The main idea is to start a change worldwide by opening and guiding many companies along the way. We want to be perceived as motivational, ambitious and empowering.

That is exactly why the team of will tirelessly work on becoming better than we were yesterday. In order to witness a great tomorrow, we are aware of the work we must do today.

We are here for you, the people. Our focus on one thing, and one thing only, growing among communities that need us more than ever. The organization will operate to have your needs met and will be your best friend along the way.

The Concept

The main concept of achieving our goals is simple, really. Due to the development of our idea, we came up with a concept that works perfectly for both, our clients and us.

We are aspiring to change the World, one step at the time.

Our concept includes the creation of several individual companies under the that will function separately and will have their own purpose.

To make things clearer, we have some ideas in sight, ones that include investing in companies, investing in people, and so on.

With a solid and already set up company foundations, right now it is showtime.

What Is HE Group?

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We, as an organization will never stop growing and improving.

Along the way, we welcomed new team members and transformed into one healthy working community.

The initial idea was to found a group under which many diverse companies will be established.

does not focus on one industry or niche, and that is what allows us to form and run other brands that put the focus on a specific industry and field.

The concept is clear. It included creating several separate organizations that will be able to function on their own.

Such organizations will allow us, as a team, to work in many different fields instead of just one.

And that was our perfect plan. It sounded good, and it turned out to be better than we expected.

Why HE Group?

The reasons why I originally started are no brainer. I, personally, wanted to have a huge organization that will manage several smaller ones, and invest in others. And that is exactly what I did.

The reasons why the world needs this idea is because it is simple. How often do you come across simple yet efficient ideas nowadays?

It may be just me, but I feel like humans fell out of love with simplicity. Sometimes, there is no need for complicating things or trying to sell something people do not really need by tricking them.

So, I figured, why not? Why don’t we be a breath of fresh air? Why don’t we bring simplicity back?

Even back when I was thinking about this organization, it sounded good and logical as it does today.

The idea is simple. We put ourselves on the top of the pyramid right from the start. We left a space for ourselves to be able to change our minds, start new brands and of course, close some.

And that was okay. We knew we are going to try until we succeed. We still try to be better every day.

So, with a good plan in mind, and good intentions in hard we decided to try and change people’s lives. We knew somebody is in need of us. We just had to find out who.

Investing in Companies and Individuals

is an organization that invests in people and companies. If you want to become a part of it, all you need to do is have an idea.

We work with companies and individuals that have the potential to grow through learning and developing their skills.

We are going to help you discover your limitless potential, and eventually become your best self. To us, your potential does not have limits.

The same applies to the companies as well. All you have been looking for is a push, and we can most certainly do that. You just need to believe us and yourself, of course.

It’s simple, if you have the idea, has the resources!

The organization offers mentorship to ambitious individuals who are interested in improving their skills and are willing to put an effort into their growth and development.

With a database of invaluable online courses at your full disposal, you can learn everything relevant to your niche and your needs. We can also assist you to establish your own personal brand and guide you every step of the way.

Besides coaching, personal branding, and startups, we as an organization, invest in small to medium businesses, especially the ones that show the potential we are looking for.

At HE Group We Create

Apart from investing in prosperous businesses, startups, as well as individuals, also puts the focus on creating.

What does this mean?

It means that we also strive towards developing our own companies, that will be under the guidance of .

On our websites, you can see our growth, or in other information about all of our accomplishments, including those that were our initial creations.

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The goal of the organization is to connect people passionate about a certain industry and field of work, teaching them how to cooperate and boost each other’s businesses.

We have only succeeded when you have.

Thus, we invest in ideas and hard-work. Believing anything is possible is a mindset we are led by, and that is something we would like to pass on.

To us, quitting was never an option. It never will be. In towards success, opening was the first milestone. Now, the next step is broadening the business on a global scale.

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