Do you want to get into Warehouse Robotics? Here are 14 companies hiring right now.

Warehouse robotics were around pre-pandemic but have been a hot topic ever since. With companies facing growing demands and labor shortages they are having to turn to automation to fill in the gap. According to Market Research Future’s report, the warehouse robotics market is expected to reach 6,653 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 11.8%. As you can imagine several warehouse robotics companies are itching to fill the growing demand. If you want to hop into the space here are 14 warehouse robotics companies currently hiring.

1. 6 River Systems

Headquarters: Waltham, MA


6 River Systems was founded in 2015 by Jerome Dubois and Rylan Hamilton. The two were previous executives at Kiva Systems, now Amazon Robotics. Shopify acquired the company in 2019 but they run as an independent business unit. 6 River Systems created Chuck, a self-contained autonomous robot. Chuck can be used for putaway, picking, counting, replenishment, and sorting tasks. Beyond using their Chuck bots to power the Shopify Fulfillment Network they also serve big-name customers as well. Some of these customers include Office Depot, Lockheed Martin, and

Job Openings:

Deployment Engineer — Remote

Senior Solutions Executive — Remote

Customer Success Manager — Remote

Product Manager — Remote

Senior Robotics Software Engineer — Remote

2. AutoStore

Headquarters: Nedre Vats, Norway


AutoStore is a warehouse robot technology company that was founded in 1996. AutoStore’s system is an automated storage and retrieval system(ASRS). The system operates in a grid system with stackable bins containing products being stored inside. The robots travel along the grid system like a railway picking up the bins with the needed product and delivering the bins to a workstation. At the workstations, workers fulfill orders or restock. The company operates globally with over 750 systems across 40 countries. AutoStore targets the grocery, retail, healthcare, industrial, and 3PL industries. Some of their customers include Lids, Puma, and Medline.

Job Openings:

Customer Success Specialist — Manhattan, NY

Customer Success Manager — Denver, CO

Service Engineer — Derry, NH

System Design Engineer — Derry, NH

Partner Sales Manager — Remote

3. Berkshire Grey

Headquarters: Bedford, MA


Berkshire Grey was founded in 2013 by Tom Wagner, former CTO at iRobot. The company offers picking and sorting automation solutions. Some of their technologies include a robotic picking arm and mobile robots. They have robotic pick and pack stations that pick and pack directly into eCommerce packages and other outbound containers. Berkshire Grey’s mobile robots can be used to carry totes for store replenishment or assembling customer orders. Some of their customers include Walmart, Target, and FedEx.

Job Openings:

Data Scientist/Engineer — Bedford, MA

Director of Mobile Robotics Programs — Bedford, MA

Senior Software Engineer, Automation — Bedford, MA

Control Systems Lead — Bedford, MA

Marketing Campaign & Automation Manager — Bedford, MA

4. Dexterity

Headquarters: Redwood City, CA


Dexterity was founded in 2017 by Samir Menon. Dexterity has a slew of warehouse automation products. They have everything from tilt tray sorters to storage to palletization and depalletization to putwalls and ASRS solutions. Their robotic arms can pick single parcels from busy inbound chutes. These arms can also create stable, mixed-SKU pallets and also break down pallets. They target customers in the retail, consumer goods, and package handling space.

Job Openings:

Robotics Software Engineer — Redwood City, CA

Associate Product Manager — Redwood City, CA

Robotics Project Manager — Redwood City, CA

Robotics Engineer— Redwood City, CA

Supply Chain Manager— Redwood City, CA

5. Exotec

Headquarters: Croix, France


Exotec Solutions was founded in 2015 by Romain Moulin and Renaud Heitz who were working at General Electric Medical together. They first formulated the idea in 2014 after reading about Amazon acquiring Kiva Systems. The company offers an end-to-end solution that will partially automate warehouses. Exotec currently has two main products: Skypods and Skypickers. Skypods autonomously roam the warehouse floor going to the racks that hold the product(s) they need. The Skypod then picks up the bin from the rack and brings it to a picking station where a human picker picks out the needed item or items then the Skypod takes the bin back to the rack. They’ve also added Skypickers to their product line that can automatically pick items from the inventory bins and place them into another bin that is ready to be shipped. Outside of their headquarters, Exotec has offices in the United States, Japan, and Germany. Their customers include Gap and Geodis.

Job Openings:

Sales Enablement Specialist — Atlanta, GA

Sales Engineer — Atlanta, GA

Project Engineer — Atlanta, GA

Robotic Maintenance Technician — Atlanta, GA

Software Systems Engineer — Atlanta, GA

6. Fetch Robotics

Headquarters: San Jose, CA


Fetch Robotics makes autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The company was founded in 2014 by Melonee Wise and was acquired by Zebra Technologies in 2021. Fetch Robotics offers cloud-based software that allows warehouse operations leaders to control their autonomous mobile robot fleet. The software provides analytics, real-time view of robots, maps of the facility among other features. The software also allows customers to make custom workflows for their bots such as “go pick up a cart here and drop it off here”. Fetch Robotics offers several different robot products. They have bots that can carry totes, move carts or pallets, and count inventory. Their bots can be used for picking, replenishment, cycle counting, and recycling removal. Some of their customers include DHL, Ryder, and Framebridge.

Job Openings:

Customer Success Manager — San Jose, CA

Robotics Systems Engineer II — San Jose, CA

Product Manager, Principal — San Jose, CA

Sales Engineer — Remote

Sr Software Engineer, Data Engineering — Remote

7. GreyOrange Robotics

Headquarters: Roswell, GA


GreyOrange was founded in 2011. GreyOrange offers a software and robotics solution. Their software solution is called GreyMatter. It’s an order fulfillment engine that also offers inventory management and integration automation. GreyOrange currently offers five different types of robot products. They offer a goods-to-person system, a bot that can move payloads, a bot that can help sort or consolidate, and a picking bot. Recently, they’ve announced a fifth product, Ranger Assist which is a person to goods robot. Some of the industries they target are home improvement, grocery, and fashion & apparel.

Job Openings:

Customer Success Engineer — Alpharetta, GA

Solutions Architect — Alpharetta, GA

Senior Solution Consultant — Georgia

Client Service Manager— Alpharetta, GA

Associate Product Manager — Alpharetta, GA

8. Locus Robotics

Headquarters: Wilmington, MA


Locus Robotics was founded in 2014 by Bruce Welty and Michael Johnson. Locus Robotics makes autonomous mobile robots(AMRs) that they call LocusBots. It operates as a person-to-goods system where pickers place the item(s) in the tote on the bots and the bots take the totes to a dropoff area and/or packing station to be packed and shipped out. Their customers include DHL, GEODIS, and Boots UK.

Job Openings:

Sales Engineer — Wilmington, MA or Remote

Customer Success Manager — Wilmington, MA or Remote

Robotics Software Engineer — Wilmington, MA

Robotics Field Service Specialist — Southeast, U.S.

Continuous Improvement Engineer — Wilmington, MA or Remote

9. Nimble Robotics

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


Nimble Robotics was founded in 2017 by former Stanford Ph.D. student Simon Kalouche. Nimble uses deep imitation learning which is where a robot learns, maps, and improves through imitation of a demonstration. The company currently offers two solutions: goods-to-robot and put-wall sorting. Their goods-to-robot solution automates picking from a goods-to-person system. Their robotic arm can pick out the product(s) from a bin brought to it and place it into the appropriate bin. Their put-wall sorting solution also uses a robotic arm. The arm singulates items from a tote or chute, scans it, and places it into a customer’s order cubby. Their customers include Best Buy, Victoria’s Secret, Puma, iHerb, and Adore Me.

Job Openings:

Firmware Engineer, Robotics — San Francisco, CA

Robotics Engineer — San Francisco, CA

Account Executive — Austin, TX

Business Operations Associate — San Francisco, CA

Data Analyst — San Francisco, CA

10. Plus One Robotics

Headquarters: San Antonio, TX


Plus One Robotics was founded in 2016 by Erik Nieves, Shaun Edwards, and Paul Hvass. Plus One makes vision software for logistics robots. Their solution gives robots the hand-eye coordination they need to pick and place objects in warehouses and distribution centers. Their robot perception software is designed to get smarter over time. They also offer a supervisory software that allows a human operator to monitor the robots and correct errors. They’ve partnered with Locus Robotics, Dematic, and Attabotics.

Job Openings:

Field Service Engineer — San Antonio, TX

Systems Engineer — San Antonio, TX

Sr Developer, AI/Vision — San Antonio, TX

Research & Development Intern — Boulder, CO

Pre-Sales Application Engineer — San Antonio, TX

11. Seegrid

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA


Seegrid was founded in 2003 by Dr.Hans Moravec. The company currently offers three different AMRs. They offer an autonomous forklift, pallet truck, and tow tractor. They also offer software, Fleet Geek and Supervisor, for fleet management and analytics for customers’ AMR fleets. Their customers include Whirlpool, Giant Eagle, and DHL.

Job Openings:

Backend Engineer (Data) — Pittsburgh, PA or Remote

Implementation Engineer — Pittsburgh, PA or Remote

Strategic Account Executive — Remote

Mechanical Engineer — Pittsburgh, PA

Software Engineer — Pittsburgh, PA or Remote

12. SVT Robotics

Headquarters: Norfolk, VA


SVT Robotics was launched in 2018 by A.K. Schultz and Michael Howes. Their SOFTBOT platform is designed to help customers with complex, multisystem robot deployments. The software offers pre-built integrations with leading automation companies such as 6 River Systems and Fetch Robotics. Once the customer picks the integrations they want, SVT designs the solution through SOFTBOT Studio using drag-and-drop tools. Then their Deployment Lab centralized wizard walks the customer through configuration.

Job Openings:

Solution Architect — Remote

Senior Software Engineer, Product (Data) — Remote

Senior Software Engineer, Product (Portal) — Remote

Product Manager — Norfolk, VA

Demand Generation Manager — Remote

13. Vecna Robotics

Headquarters: Waltham, MA


Vecna Robotics is an American robotics and technology company. The company was incorporated in 2018 after spinning off from Vecna Technologies. They currently sell three autonomous logistic vehicles: counterbalanced fork truck, pallet truck, and tugger. Their customers include FedEx and DHL Supply Chain.

Job Openings:

Customer Success Manager — Manteca, CA or Waltham, MA

Field Service Engineer — Waltham, MA

Robotics Deployment Engineer — Waltham, MA

Robotics Implementation Project Manager — Waltham, MA

Fleet or Robotics Software Engineer — Waltham, MA

14. Attabotics

Headquarters: Calgary, Canada


Attabotics was founded in 2016 by Scott Gravelle, Rob Cowley, and Tony Woolf. Attabotics makes robotic inventory storage and retrieval systems. They operate a 3D storage system with wheeled carts that can travel on an X, Y, or Z-axis. Attabotics says that their 3D storage system reduces warehousing space needs by 85%. Due to this decreased space need, it makes it easier for retailers to put their fulfillment centers near high-density urban areas closing the last-mile gap. Their customers include Nordstrom and other retailers across apparel, food & beverage, and home goods.

Job Openings:

Applications Engineer — Remote

VP, Client Success — Atlanta, Calgary, Remote

Software Developer — Remote

QA Automation Developer — Remote

Software Systems Advisor — Remote




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