Harrods tea

Though English tea does not indicate a particular variety, it is more analogous to a term which regroups varieties and brands of tea that are especially pertained with the British land. Few of the well known varieties are English breakfast tea and earl grey tea. Others that fall under this term include varieties of diverse teas that are sold in a brand name, like the Ashbys of London label, the Taylors of Harrogate label, the Twinings of the strand label and also the Jacksons of Piccadilly label. All these fine teas include high standards which are exemplified in selection, taste and packing. English tea is also used to refer teas that are particular to Britain, mostly the local British brands.

Some English teas come with tea blends which have been particularly blended to offer a new product with a different particularity and taste. Few of these include Lady Grey, Lavender Earl Grey, as well as a mild flavour of Earl Grey, in which a flavour of lavender is added to the tea. Earl Grey tea is a blend of Ceylonese and Indian black tea that is infused along with oil of citrus bergamot orange, acquired from the rind of fruit. It results in a citrus aroma, pleasant and unique flavour for tea. Various brands in Britain now have their own flavour of blend which they market as Earl Grey tea. This particular tea is best to be taken black, without milk. However, for those die-hard lovers of milk, a creamer or dash of milk may be included to the brew.

English tea

English breakfast tea is considered as the tea of excellent which is known to accompany perfectly a regular English breakfast. Made of robust, strong black tea, normally of the Ceylon, Assam and Kenyan varieties, it delivers a full-bodied and potency appeal that is perfect to blend with sugar and milk that the British people are fond of including to their tea. Harrods tea, other prevalent English tea, which is originated from black tea. Some blends of English tea are not only known for their delightful taste and rich aroma but also for the method they are prepared. Some varieties of English tea are made with a blend of black loose leaf tea and it is often prepared by including honey, sugar and milk. The Indian estates in Assam and Darjeeling are familiar for such sort of black loose teas that provide strong bright colour and malty flavour. This tea is regarded one of the best to taste and brew. English style tea is obtainable in several varieties. One of the notable features about traditional English tea is they assist prevent stroke and heart attack.

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