On advertising claiming “If it hurts, we can help” and motorcycles, on which you can get hurt but which may help more than the advertising.

Kawasaki KZ750, circa 1982 (Photo by author)

Grief and depression are like vampires. Your eyes are first drawn to them, and then they go to work draining you of life. In most stories I’ve read or watched, the victim doesn’t seem to spend a lot of effort avoiding the fangs and limply pushes away or, maybe, sometimes embraces it, and shortly afterward, they bleed…




Tales of learning things in the wild where making mistakes often comes with consequences. Tales of surprise. Tales of romance. Tales of heartbreak. Tales of joy. Stories of life and some reflections on finding meaning and managing risk among the wolves.

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Ed Musto

Ed Musto

Risk manager and quality assurance guy out on the left coast. As the man said, “It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine).”

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