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Nov 4, 2017 · 3 min read

When I was younger I used to have epic water-gun fights in my Grandparent’s backyard, and complain about going to church. We’d play Monopoly on the floor for hours, where my demands for a rematch would reveal a lack of knowledge on the finer points of stiff backs and sore knees.

A few years later golf became our thing, despite my lack of patience and intense hatred of sand traps. Maybe it was the way they were always impressed with my shots, or how they smiled as they let me drive the golf cart (a big deal) — but I always looked forward to 18 holes.

Now, I walk slowly next to them, scouting for obstacles and fully aware and ready to catch them if they fall.

Because now I had noticed. My grandparents were slowing down.

Getting to (really) Know Your Grandparents

Two years ago I thought I started writing a short film, “The Long Goodbye” because I wanted to better understand who my Grandparents were as people and push beyond the prescribed event-based relationship we were used to.

To have some deeper conversations about life, to learn what they had learned.

But I also wrote it as a cautionary tale to myself…one that I’m finally ready to share with you.

From 2013. Clearly also a Walking Dead fan.

My Hope and Vision

I want The Long Goodbye to enrich your life.

To inspire an extra moment in your day where you look beyond where your relationships are, and reach for where you want them to be.

To give perspective on arguments and disagreements, and become a conversational tool to ask deep questions with loved ones. And most of all, I want to the film to be a reminder:

Waiting to connect is just rolling the dice on the most valuable thing life has to offer.

But the film isn’t a reality yet — I need your help.

Supporting the Film

There are many ways to bring a film to life — but over the course of my career as a professional filmmaker, I’ve realized one ultimate fact:

a film without an audience is worthless.

So we’re approaching support a little differently: we’ve committed to creating a crowdfunding campaign that will add value to your everyday life instead of taking it.

How? Glad you asked!

  • Instagram. 90% of our posts are curated stories that remind us our Grandparents were once our age too — and reveal some quirky or interesting fact! All powered by user-submitted content.
  • Facebook. Sharing unique stories and videos of how people have closed the generational gap.
  • Publications. Like this one, we’ll be sharing personal stories that help you press the reset button on the day and maybe call your ma (or Grandma) for a heart-to-heart.
  • Emails. Receive reminders for live events, and the most powerful blogs and stories that will make you laugh, cry, or both.
  • Live FB Q&A. Questions on the film? Wondering how to start a deep conversation? We’ll host multiple live Q&As to help you connect.


If connecting with you family is as important to you as it is to us, please ‘Follow’ or support us at Seed&Spark. We can’t make this journey alone.

I’m sharing these intensely personal stories because I believe it’s important to connect with your loved ones beyond the everyday family functions. Dare to reach out. Break the social norms.

If this resonates with you — please send your love and support through comments, likes or shares below.

Better yet: start a conversation with your loved one, and support our short film “The Long Goodbye” which hopes to bridge the relational gap between Grandparents and Grandchildren.

Have a story to share or want to read how other’s are connecting? Check out our Instagram for sweet vintage photos, and FaceBook for fun and heartwarming stories, or our email list for a weekly round-up of the best of both.

-Karl Stelter

The Long Goodbye Film

Deeply personal blogs to inspire connection with your grandparents and loved ones beyond the everyday family functions. In support of crowdfunding our short film, “The Long Goodbye”.

Karl Stelter

Written by

Film Director. Writer. OverThinker. I ask life’s big questions, and believe we’re on a journey meant to be taken together. http://bit.ly/-SupportOurFilm

The Long Goodbye Film

Deeply personal blogs to inspire connection with your grandparents and loved ones beyond the everyday family functions. In support of crowdfunding our short film, “The Long Goodbye”.

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