Mission Statement

Adviser: Prof. Scott Brinton Email: scott.brinton@hofstra.edu Phone: (516) 569–4000 ext. 203

The Long Island Advocate is a showcase of the finest journalism and digital media content produced by students at Hofstra University’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication. It is part of the Herbert School’s commitment to community journalism — to building partnerships with and exploring the complex issues of the suburban communities around Hofstra.

This site is intended to give student journalists — working closely with seasoned Herbert School faculty members — the opportunity to cover and publish their work on a platform that is seen and read by the larger public. Many stories are cross-published with liherald.com, the website of Herald Community Newspapers, one of the largest publishers of community news in New York State, based in nearby Garden City.

At The Long Island Advocate, we are hyper-interested in the hyper-local stories that are happening in the town halls, school districts, police precincts, fire departments and diverse community organizations that are engaged in grassroots work in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Employing the intellectual and technical resources of the Herbert School’s journalism and digital media programs, student journalists will emerge with the skills they need not only to survive, but also to thrive as journalists upon graduation from the university.

Cover photo by Angelo Vansant/Long Island Advocate



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