Since its release last October, Wordle has skyrocketed to more than 2 million players worldwide in less than half a year. // Photo by Griffin Schmoyer/Long Island Advocate

Wordle takes Hofstra — and the world — by storm

A Google Trends graph of searches for the term “Wordle” on the search engine from Dec. 9, 2021 to March 9, 2022. // Graphic by Griffin Schmoyer via Google Trends/Long Island Advocate
The objective of Wordle is to guess a five-letter word in six guesses. A gray box means a letter is not in the word, a yellow box means that you have the correct letter in the wrong position, and a green box means you have the correct letter in the correct position. // Griffin Schmoyer/Long Island Advocate



The Long Island Advocate is a multimedia news organization at Hofstra University’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication where students gain valuable real-world experience producing news and features for online platforms. We have partnered with Garden City-based

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