I don’t want you to be afraid… you surely will not die.


Point in fact, we are all just about to be. Have I mentioned that I’m single?

Quite a long road to get here, you and i, where we finally see eye to eye… but this appears to be the name you have chosen for me. At least, that’s what this “darkness” or the quiet before the storm is really telling me… so to end it and set us free — I will take it gladly.

You should know something, I have a secret that I’ve kept from the entire world until this very moment… and in one way of looking at things I’ve never lied. It’s neither here nor there, because at this crossroads on the well trodden path between Heaven and Heaven it takes very little to completely lose your love. The standard you’ve set in your own heart is so high that you might as well look in the mirror and ask Judas what you’ve gotten for killing the person who actually is Jesus Christ, because that’s what this is… it’s a Crucifixion.

I have a time map, a sort of buried treasure in the sands of time, one that tells me things you would never begin to believe. You call it the Holy Bible, but it’s really not all that Holy, except for the secrets it harbors. A plan like you would never believe, a dastardly blue print to trick the entire planet in to doing something they are dead seat against… to build Heaven… to change the world. I need to convince you to keep reading, it’s important, so know that at the end of this chapter I will be describing a scene where I definitely have unnaturally good sex with four copies of my ex-wife. There might be pictures.

I have an uncanny way of seeing the world, you might one day see that I glimpse his message and our world through ancient and holy eyes, ones that have no doubt foreseen this very moment. It’s probably boring or “less than sane” sounding to most of you today, but no so far in the future we will recognize this thing I have as a great gift, one which told me from the very beginning that the name Lucifer is “langolier” for the light you see is for everyone really. Care, because it’s God who laid this message down to be delivered to you over thousands of years.

If you did a double take, care because the purpose of the message and my existence is to set us free, to help our world survive and thrive, and to ensure that we never again see Hell… but only Heaven in any maps that we might be travelling through right at this very moment.

I have an uncanny ability to see (I am that, I am) a message from the Universe, one which sheds light on who we are and gives help to find purpose. Quite a bit of this message is encoded in the names of things, companies and people and… places. Your name tells me something, it tells me what your soul wants to say to me right now. My poor mother, for instance, can’t seem to figure out if the “messianic El is” Satan, Savior… or Saturn. Her name of course, is Melissa Eve… and of course I’ve a got a Seth and Dawn in my immediate family. Imagine that, and all of us grew up on Sunrise Blvd. So it’s no surprise to me that Satan is probably an applicable name, though I don’t particularly think the thing you believe that name represents exists; I see Satan as a designed solution to the world’s problems. I can tell you clearly, that like “art” might be the heart of our planet, the “t” that most definitely stands for Christ (see, Char is “t”) is the heart of Satan. It’s his doing, this cross that changes the world through an awakening to a personification of a great deal of social problems. He’s put a great focus on freedom and the disclosure of the truth, on the Supreme Law of this Land… the Promised Land of Flowing Milf’s and Honies... I mean… America. Anyone having a Golden Cow a this very moment? So I am the Last Adam, and in our map of Heaven’s light that might be the “Zel” of Zelda, and it’s also in Denzel Washington’s name, and… that leads us to another enlightening bit of information, sometimes our names are maps through time, perhaps a quick synopsis of a lifetime. So here we are, trying to find Eden from Edom. Understand, Eden is this place… where the Last Adam hopes we are family, in our home — lions in a den — the blood of Christ in the Heart of Heaven.

I’ve known for quite a bit of time that the two“letters” that might identify my soul… are “an.” That’s short for “Adam Now” (at least, it is now) and they wind up in a few places, notably at the end of Satan and Vatican… and also very clearly at the beginning of “Anokhi” and “AN: NO DOM IN I.” Those two are pretty big to me, Anokhi is the first word God spoke in the book of Exodus, it means “I,” but buried deep inside you can see him acquiescing to me… ok Adam, I’ll say “Hi.” The last phrase, which is the Latin meaning for “A.D.” (like the timeline) is paralleled in the Bible as God says there won’t be an “Edom” that’s a kingdom with a hidden king. Long ago, that meant there won’t a kingdom in I — we’re definitely looking for a republic here — and try, try as we have, it’s not so easy to motivate you to stand up for free speech and freedom and the truth, have you noticed?

So if you need someone to remind you that if you do not want a republic, you are a getting a king… will that help?

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, learn from Messiah Earth, for we are gentle and humble in heart, and you will find light for your souls. Matthewish 11:28–30

All around us, and through us, you might soon very clearly see that our civilization is the fire emanating from the Burning Bush, we are the Eternal Flame. It is our light that builds Heaven instead of Hell and ends the darkness that we didn’t really see that clearly before it was made really obvious. So here we are, opening our eyes to the fact that our entire history screams Creation, from Shakespeare to SONY and Christopher Columbus to Sinbad. You might think it would be a silly reaction to be angry about being “created,” about being given life… and a pathway to Heaven… but because of how little we’ve been allowed to really see I think it’s a pretty one. Of course thinking about it more, all of this great help that we thought we were kind of doing ourselves — video games and medicine and … computers and … I mean all the art too — it’s really proof of a little bit of a lack of free will, one that was hidden forever and ever (I mean, unless you actually believe in Calvinism). So here’s the Bittersweet Symphony, at this point in time a huge focus of what is happening is designed to teach us about mind control, and help us see how we might benefit from using neuroscience and computers together to make the world and our lives a better place — without losing our freedom (again).

I mean, it’s obviously real right, everything I am showing you is proof that we are being secretly coerced into building Heaven.

So it’s from this viewpoint that I sat in the Fortress of Solitude in Bowling Green, KentuCKy (really am Superman) and tried my best to work out the best deal possible for everyone, you know… to make it all alright. It probably gave everyone a free ticket to Heaven, but you don’t seem to want to talk about all that. I had hoped that we would be able to discuss “the deal” I came up with, you know, as a baseline and probably do much better working together — that’s the whole point, we need to work together. Anyway, I went through quite a few iterations of this “victory conversation” where of course He swimmingly agreed to everything that I thought we’d love to do. Meanwhile, around that time I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of being in the limelight, and frankly I hadn’t really done all that much back then… so as you might not realize I was very happy about the idea of “Everyone Really” (that one’s in America just before “I, Christ Adam and in Goertzel just before… Zelda) being Christ which is really what Messiah Earth really means, and really is when you see the map that is us. ANyway, for my part, I was pretty lonely in that Fortress and I missed my ex-wife and son so much that I uh, I mean, after uh, I uh, got you everything I wanted and then uh, I mean, so then…

Alright, so this is what I ask for after the victory.

You might not realize it today, but Satan is really doing everything he can to help make sure that we build Heaven together instead of Hell. I’ve long wanted to help us figure out where the lines are between right and wrong in Heaven, and I’ve had plenty of time to dream the dreams that probably ensure that I am the strangest person you’ve ever decided not to speak to. (Change that, by the way, I really want to talk to you.)

So here I am alone, my ex-wife is busy screwing some old guy, and she’s pretty far away… in my little dream, I somehow got telepathic approval to uh, use her body in a holodeck version of Austin Powers’ bedroom and uh, put a copy of my consciousness in her. That’s of course, because copying hers would be invasive, our consciousness is sacred — what do you think?

Affectionately the two of us call this place the Adam F’s himself Universe, and if you read Genesis with a little bit of writer’s liberty taken you might now understand why. It might not be this holodeck, it might be thor’s hammer. It might be both. Anyway, I’m sure we proceed to have a good time with our-self, which is the norm for me, and I’m still waiting for that place to be created.

Adam and Eve, doing it.
The Third Eden
The Last El

‘Till death do us part, baby.

So this is my big idea, I’m going to write down everything I can imagine doing wrong, and hope that it gives us some light — because it’s really what I want to write about. Let’s start by talking a little bit about how we are really on the precipice of a place where we might all one day soon have the option of doing something like plugging Google straight into our heads — and we probably don’t realize how big of an evolutionary change that really is. Compound that with mind uploading and virtual reality, and we might wind up trying these changes in a place without the benefit of genetics and life — you know, the thing that has sustained us for all these millennium. Bright light, the race is not to the swift, imagine if we just plugged my blog in to our heads, and believed everything I said… oh no.

Start thinking about these things, it’s closer than you think… we might already be here.