Long-Lived Institutions

Lessons from six long-term thinkers on how to create organizations that last

The Sagrada Familia Catholic Church in Barcelona, Spain. The Catholic Church is one of the longest-lived institutions in human history.

Scenario Planning for the Long-term

A map from 01701 depicting California as an island that Schwartz used to exemplify the limited nature of our mental maps.

Intellectual Dark Matter

Burja used the Bessemer steel process to illustrate his idea of tacit knowledge, “knowledge that is not transmitted in written form.”

The Data of Long-Lived Institutions

Kees Van Der Heijden’s “strangely prophetic” business idea for Long Now from 01997.

The Longevity of Nature

A visualization by Berlow showing the shapes of dependency chains in certain ecosystems.

Language, Meaning, and Culture

Generational Transitions and Governing Systems

Fulton argued that the key lesson for a company surviving from the first generation to the next is to have enough structure, but not too much.

Executive director of The Long Now Foundation, founder of The Interval Bar, builder of combat and cocktail robots, and large flamethrowers.

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