Member Summit Ignite Talks Recap

Below are a few videos of Long Now member presentations from our recent Summit. All the talks will be available to watch in the coming weeks.

One goal of last month’s Long Now Member Summit was to hear directly from our members. The thousands of Long Now members around the world are as passionate about long-term thinking as we are, and we wanted to give them a platform to share their long views on subjects in their own expertise.

Ignite Talks’ brady forrest (Long Now member #4395) MCd the talks . Photo: Gary Wilson

Ignite Talks founder Brady Forrest helped us curate a series of talks by our members. Presentations were given in the standard Ignite Talk format:

Presenters get 20 slides, which automatically advance every 15 seconds. The result is a fast and fun 5-minute presentation.

It’s a succinct format that requires efficiency, pacing, and preparation—excellent traits for any presentation.

It was very difficult to choose from the 100+ member proposals, but we selected 16 talks to present at the Summit.

Thanks to all our amazing members who offered to speak at the Summit!

A core premise of Long Now presentations (both our Seminars and Interval salon talks) is that long-term thinking can be applied to any subject area — science, the arts, history, business, philanthropy; it only takes someone with expertise in that area and the mindset to consider it in a larger frame.

Matthew Dockrey (Long Now member #5138) talks about Mass Production of Data and type casting. Photo: Gary Wilson

Our members expanded the list further with Summit talks on sea mammal communication, anti-aging medicine, ancient Paraguayan petroglyphs, early printing technology, the future of water on earth, and many more. Some members discussed their work with DARPA, The Smithsonian, and California Academy of Sciences, while others shared their citizen science and Maker projects. Overall the talks were diverse and full of insightful surprises.

Below are a few videos of complete, 5-minute Long Now member Ignite Talks. Soon you’ll be able to watch all the talks on our YouTube channel. We hope you’ll enjoy these talks to start. There’s much more to come…

Matthew Dockrey gave a talk about his research on 15th century printing presses and a project to replicate that kind of manual type casting today…

Matthew Dockrey full Ignite Talk, Member Summit (October 02016) — Watch on YouTube

Sharon Weaver gave an Ignite Talk about the petroglyphs of her native Paraguay: New Perspective on the Ancient Rock Art of Paraguay.

Sharon Weaver full Ignite Talk, Member Summit (October 02016) — Watch on YouTube

Chris Patil‘s Ignite Talk discussed the promise of anti-aging drugs and new considerations that will follow: The Coming Era of Anti-Aging Medicine

Chris Patil full Ignite Talk, Member Summit (October 02016) — Watch on YouTube

Dr. Alicia Jackson, formerly of DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office, discussed new disease-preventing predictive health technologies…

Dr Sharon Jackson full Ignite Talk, Member Summit (October 02016) — Watch on YouTube

All-in-all the member talks were diverse, ambitious, and thought-provoking; perfectly in the tradition of our other speaking series. It’s fitting that the stage on which they presented at Fort Mason Center’s Cowell Theater is where many of our Seminars About Long-term Thinking have taken place over the years.

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